11 November 2016

The Little Ones find fun with leaves...

There is nothing the Little Ones like more than a wander in the fresh air. No matter how tired everyone seems to be these days or how much they might have been squabbling that day, as soon as we set foot outside everyone cheers up. 

They all like to meander along picking up twigs, flowers and in the case of Little 2 special stones. Little 3 Likes to stop, stoop and examine everything he comes across as he explores the world now that he is a toddler and as I watch the children playing and exploring I feel happy that my children are getting some fresh air and exercise and enjoying nature.

Recently, while the weather was still warm enough for tights and a light cardigan, we headed to one of our favourite spots, a small lake with a little play area and a nearby lovely child friendly cafe complete with an upstairs children's play room.

After having a lovely lunch and chat with Nanny while the Little Ones played we started out on our walk around the lake.

First stop was a play in the little park, the girls were climbing on the equipment as asking for photographs to be taken. Typically I had decided not to take my main camera out on this day as I thought we were 'just' going for a walk and not that there would be a photo opportunity but they were in good spirits and demanding an audience. Good job I had my phone on me then, I think it did pretty well as all the pictures in this post were from my phone!

Whilst we were playing we noticed a huge number of ladybirds crawling around on the wooden equipment, at one point Little 2 had about 4 in her hand. We saw a whole host of ladybirds the other week at an animal park too, it must have been breeding season or something! Little 2 went around collecting them and holding them looking at their spots intently, she would really liked to have been able to keep one as a pet but did reluctantly let them go.

We began our stroll and each of the Little Ones collected a stick to walk around with, the girls were energetically sweeping the leaves side to side on the path with Little 3 copying close behind. After walking the lake and coming up the hill the other side the girls spotted a carpet of yellow and orange fallen leaves surrounding some trees and they made a bee line for them.

In seconds they were jumping up and down, throwing the leaves high in the air and at each other, chasing Nanny and myself, making piles of leaves to jump in and kick, they were having a great time. We must have spent a good 20 minutes playing together in those leaves oblivious to the people walking past down on the path, I did see several people smile as the children giggled and screamed with joy, they had a wail of a time in those leaves.

Little 3 really enjoyed himself alternating between studying the leaves intently and throwing great handfuls high in the air. I can tell he was having fun as he either had a big smile on his face or his mouth was wide open squealing or with the effort of the throwing. He didn't want to let go of the leaves when it was time to go and collected a few leaves which he held in the car all the way home.


I love the season of Autumn, the colours on the trees, collecting conkers and crunching through leaves on the ground, the fresh mornings and clear skies. What is your favourite season??

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  1. Ive been loving these photos on instagram so lovely to see the post. Autumn can be so fun with piles of leaves to crunch and play in. loving their outfits too x


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