2 November 2016

The Little Ones are inspired with Autumn art

Inspired by a book we recently reviewed, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Nature Walk Scrap book, I decided to have a messy creative afternoon with the Little Ones.

We had been on a walk and collected some Autumn leaves, feathers and pine cones a few days earlier. The girls, in particular Little 2, have a 'thing' for sticks, stones, flowers and leaves, they collect things daily as we walk home from school. We have quite a collection of these bits under the front window where I make them leave the sticks and yucky feathers and often leaves or flowers on the side in the utility where I am not allowed to throw them out until they are dried up and 'definitely, really are dead' as Little 2 would say.

So armed with a bag full of Autumnal pickings I got set up. I had planned a bit of leaf sticking as Little 3 loves pva glue at the moment, dripping and spreading it around and got out some gold, bronze, red and silver paint to see where the girls arty minds would take us. They also declared that they needed the coloured confetti to complete their pictures so that came out too.

Little 3 began by spreading glue and sticking leaves on his page but soon he had pulled them back off again and pointed to the paint instead.

There was an intense look of concentration on his face as he painted and spread around a few drops of paint we had put on his page. He chose to use a paint brush and had really good control. 

Little 3's painting.
The girls were in sticking mode and making some beautiful creations complete with paint accentuated leaves and confetti.

Little 1 created a beautiful starry sky picture with lots of leaves dotted with paint. It was actually lovelier than in the picture as it was shiny and looks great on the mantlepiece.

Little 2 didn't want her picture taken while she was 'working' but after finishing her leaf picture she painted the Very Hungry Caterpillar, I was rather impressed by her colour mixing of the greens and can see a good likeness.

Little 3 wanted to do more painting so we had some fun with pinecones. I showed him how to dip it in the paint and dab and roll it around the page, he had a good go attempting to paint with it but preferred to hold the painted cone while using his brush in the other.

The Little Ones had lots of fun with their Autumn art and the colours used made fab pictures, they are lined up on my mantle piece! have you been arty this Autumn?

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