16 November 2016

Surviving the dreaded sickness bug

Recently we were struck down by the dreaded sickness bug, October and February seem to be the worst time of year for them I have found, or in our house anyway. Little 3 got hit first on a Monday morning having picked it up somewhere and I wasn't feeling too well either. He got sick and a fever and I avoided the sickness itself but had a fever and the chills whilst feeling yuck.

Sleepy and sick

Four days on we were both feeling back to normal albeit neither of us really had an appetite and were happy to exist on toast and rich tea biscuits. I hate that period of time waiting to see who, if anyone, will get ill next and I even wrote a post about it. I began to think we were going to be alright, everyone else seemed totally fine. 

In the middle of the night, as we entered the 5th day, Little 1 was the next victim and I also began to feel really rather unwell again, worse than before. Had we had 2 different bugs or was it just that I was in contact with it again and not totally over it. Feeling unable to cope with what lay ahead I did something I have never done before and asked Daddy to look after Little 1 while I went back to bed. They spent a long sleepless night downstairs on the sofa bed, (thank goodness we have a downstairs bathroom) while I had an equally sleepless night in bed.

The following night Little 2 got sick, again at midnight but luckily we had got to her in time. Daddy volunteered a night on the sofa again while I slept really rather well and actually felt a lot better in the morning.

Little 1 and 2 were eating again in the morning, Little 2 was apparently starving and happy to play having bounced back much quicker than the rest of us and after having Monday off school both girls were more than ready to return the next day.

Back to being cheeky!

So what are my biggest saviours for sickness bug survival?

Towels/Blankets- We went through a lot of these that week- I have a habit of covering everything with a towel or blanket where a sicky person is, top of their bed, the sofa, the floor. So much easier to clean than a carpet or sofa and they can go in the tumble drier too!

Waterproof mattress protectors- These are a godsend during sick bugs. Not only do they prevent a dirty mattress but I put one on the sofa where the sick person sits and you know nothing is getting through. Equally useful over my lap/chest when Little 3 was ill and just wanted to cuddle, saved several outfit changes I can tell you!

Rehydration solution- Little 3 was sick for almost 12 hours straight and he couldn't even keep water down, I was really concerned about him being dehydrated and rang the doctors as his nappy was bone dry after 6 hours. I had some of this in the medicine cabinet and was giving him a teaspoon every 10 minutes all afternoon, the doctor said it was the right thing to do even if it wasn't staying down as he would absorb a little, I am glad I had it.

Nappy sanitiser- Being a cloth nappy user we have this for adding to each nappy wash to ensure any nasties are killed. I don't normally add it to other laundry but when the children are ill a hefty scoop goes in each wash and it leaves me feeling confident that everything is bug free after washing.

Rich tea biscuits- I believe we went through about 4 packets of these last week, no one had much of an appetite and when they were feeling a bit hungry a biscuit was generally requested. Little 3 lost his normal ferocious appetite and just nibbled half a biscuit here and there and I ate a fair few myself as I just didn't want anything more. 

What are your sick bug saviours?

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  1. You guys really have had everything this half term. Its a nightmare and the more children you have the longer it drags on for. Hoping you all feel 100% soon and get rid of the bugs xx


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