9 November 2016

Finding Dory-Book of the film review with Parragon Book Buddies

The Little Ones have recently been selected to become Book Buddies with the publisher Parragon, this means even more lovely books for them to read and for us to tell you about.

This month we have been reading 'Finding Dory- The book of the film'. The Little Ones have not seen the film 'Finding Dory' which is the sequel to 'Finding Nemo'. When our book arrived all wrapped up in lovely wrapping paper and with a sticker sheet for the girls, they couldn't wait to get reading and find out what happens to Dory.

'Finding Dory-The book of the film' follows the story of Dory, the Blue Tang fish with short-term memory loss, as she searches for her forgotten parents. The book, which is the sequel to the ever popular 'Finding Nemo', has many of your familiar favourite characters, remember Crush the turtle, as well as some new ones too.

The charming story aimed at readers age 5+ follows a similar storyline to the previous book and will have you wondering whether it will be alright in the end.

Little 1 has been reading the book at bedtime herself and told me...
'I was really worried when Dory got caught, I didn't think she would be able to complete her journey then. My favourite character was Hank the octopus, as he helped Dory.'

Little 2 who has only just started reading liked that in the centre of the book there are 8 pages with colour pictures from the film, telling the brief story. Together, we read the words and talked about each picture and what had happened in the story. She liked that she could retell the story herself using the pictures.

The girls enjoyed reading this book, I think it is time that we saw the film!

N.B We were gifted this book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Love that the picture in the middle are nice and big so young and old readers can enjoy it!


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