30 November 2016

Family fun playing Scribble Scramble

As I have mentioned recently, the girls have reached an age where they can play games together now, they can both understand the rules and have the patience to play, wait their turn and win or lose graciously (mostly!). The girls play lots of games at home, sometimes by themselves and at other times we are all expected to join in. Last weekend when Grandad and Uncle M were visiting we tried out a new game that we were sent to test out, Scribble Scramble.

In Scribble Scramble the aim of the game is to try and guess what your team member is drawing before it is sucked into the moving Scribble Scramble unit. In the action packed game the quicker you guess the more points you earn, draw in space 3 and have the least time to guess before the drawing disappears but earn more points by getting it right or play it safe by drawing further down and risk taking longer to reach the 20 point goal.

Scribble Scramble includes 80 game cards with multiple drawing choices and plenty of options to vary the game, play in pairs or teams and even play on both sides of the board at the same time. The compact game unit has storage for its two Crayola Dry Erase pens and a slot to hold the cards while playing so it would be easy to transport and play this Christmas. It requires 2 AA batteries to operate and these are not included.

We had a good first go at playing the game, there were some easily identifiable masterpieces and some truly terrible drawings too, it was good fun and we all enjoyed playing. I like the fact that the playing surface is wipeable with a damp cloth/paper and two pens are included so there is no need to buy replacement parts for this game. It is pretty durable and will be getting a lot of use this Christmas here.

The recommended age range is 6 years and up and Little 1 was able to play rather well (that is her drawing on the video above). Little 2 at 4 and a half years gave it a really good go as well. We did let her choose an easy thing to draw as she wouldn't have been able to draw a lot of what was on the cards like the sayings etc and let her draw a bit before starting the board moving but even she was able to play and join in the fun.

Scribble Scramble is widely available and has an RRP of £20.

N.B We were gifted our Scribble Scramble game in return for this post. All opinions are our own honest views.

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