13 October 2016

Yummy personalised CakeToppers cupcakes review

Hands up if you love cake, glad it is not just me then! I was recently contacted by Cake Toppers to see if I would be interesting in trying some of their personalised cupcakes for review. Now when the words 'free' and 'cake' are used in the same sentence, well who am I to refuse! With it being Little 1's birthday a few days later I said 'Yes, please' I thought personalised cupcakes would go down well at her tea party.

CakeToppers specialise in personalised cakes, cupcakes and edible printed icing decorations, whether it is just one photo cupcake for that very special someone or a whole host of them for an event. Got a birthday, anniversary or special occasion coming up, then they do personalised large cakes too.

As it was Little 1's birthday CakeToppers were generous and sent me six cupcakes in time for the party. All I had to do was email across the pictures I wanted on the cakes. I chose to have two with my blog logo on them and the others to have one of my favourite recent pictures of Little 1.

The cakes arrived in good time for the party and were very well packaged, in a plastic cake tray wrapped in plastic and safely enclosed in bubble wrap in the box, all cakes are delivered using a next day service and can be preordered. I was out when our cakes arrived and had to wait a day to collect them from the post office. The box was clearly marked 'this way up' but the man at the post office still handed them to me upside down between a couple of other parcels, I think they had been stored upside down as a couple of cakes were slightly stuck to the plastic wrapping which left a mark on the printed icing but they had held up exceptionally well considering and there was no damage to the actual cake or icing itself at all.

I was pleased to find a clear comprehensive list of ingredients in each part of the cake (sponge, icing and icing disc) within the parcel too which could be useful for those with allergies.

The cupcakes looked very inviting and my blog logo looked great, having decided that those ones with my logo on were mine for the tasting I sat down with a coffee and got set to dig in. One cake was vanilla sponge and white icing in a silver cake case and the other was chocolate flavour with chocolate icing in a gold cake case. I decided to go for the vanilla one.

To be perfectly honest I was expecting the cake to be a bit dry and tasteless like shop bought ones sometimes are but I was surprised that it wasn't like that at all, the cake was light, moist, fluffy and tasty too, just like a homemade one.

The Little Ones must have got a whiff of cake as they were salivating at the edge of the table in seconds and so I cut the chocolate one in half for them to share, just having a tiny taste, for review purposes of course. These cakes are yummy, a lovely tasting cake and a thick layer of icing, but not too much. The picture is printed using edible ink on a thin icing disc not that flimsy rice paper stuff. The children loved their chocolate one.

We kept the other cakes for a couple of days until the party and even though they were nearing their use by date they were still light and not stale at all, the icing was just as moist and yummy as two days earlier. Everyone thought they were a great touch for the birthday girl's party.

Prices for a single personalised cupcake start at £5.95 including next day delivery, now at that price it would have to be for a really very special someone but larger purchases are much more affordable and big occasion cakes start at a reasonable £32.50.

CakeToppers have kindly created a discount code for my readers to use on their website, so if you fancy a little bit of cake then use code LLL10 at the checkout to get 10% off your purchase.

N.B We were gifted a box of cupcakes for the purpose of this review, all opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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