10 October 2016

Little 1 turns Seven years old

Today was the day my eldest daughter turned 7 years old. A little bit older, a little bit taller and looking a whole lot more grown up all of a sudden. Have I really been a parent that long, I still clearly remember the day she was born and when Daddy and I brought her home from hospital, set the car seat down in the lounge and looked at each other, both thinking what do we do now! 

Fast forward seven years, and life really does seem to fast forward when you have children, she has grown up into a beautiful, clever, helpful little girl who we love to bits. 

For her birthday this year all she wanted was colouring bits, stickers, pads of paper, notepads and a pretty dress. She loves to draw and write spending great chunks of time sitting at the table drawing pictures and colouring them and writing, stories, registers, copying her favourite books. She has begun to learn joined up writing at school and will practice whenever she can although it needs a little fine tuning.

Daddy and I had decided to buy her a desk for her bedroom even before she told us all she wanted was stationary, to replace the toy unit that she has outgrown. We thought she needed a space where she could do the things that she loved, a place for her homework and somewhere to store all her paper and pens.  

We found a desk and chair and decorated it with fairy lights and left over stickers from her bedroom, Daddy finished work at lunchtime and came home to build it so it was there as a surprise when she returned home from school. She was over the moon.

Along with the desk, we had bought her all sorts of stationary bits, a reel of sellotape, pritt stick, stickers, new pens, pretty pads of paper and storage boxes to keep it all in. She has a thing about flamingoes at the moment and I had managed to find several bits with them on and she was thrilled with it all.

We also bought her some new clothes as she has got quite tall and outgrown a lot of things, there was a flamingo theme there too and a new pretty dress and party skirt with matching shoes too. 

For her birthday celebrations she choose to go bowling with some of the girls from her class the day before her birthday, there was an awful lot of giggling and plenty of smiles and quite a few strikes as well. I am sure they all had a good time, Little 1 certainly enjoyed it.

That afternoon we invited her grandparents, cousins, Auntie and Uncles around and had an afternoon of games and a party tea that she requested, there was plenty of time for the children to play and she opened the presents from her party too.

Today was her actual birthday, a school day, but she was pleased to be going on a school trip to a literary festival to meet a children's author and hear some stories. Little 1 loves reading and came home telling us what a great day she had had and that she had managed to get her books signed by the author. She was really happy when she came out from school.

Once she was home we surprised her with the desk in her room and she opened the rest of her presents that there hadn't been time for before Daddy had to leave for work in the morning. We had a quick tea and her grandparents popped around again for cake and more presents. 

At 7 years old Little 1's favourite things are:
  • Reading (anything)
  • Writing stories
  • Drawing pictures
  • Playing schools
  • Spending time with her friends
  • Playing at the park
  • Wearing dresses
  • Anything crafty

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