3 October 2016

Alfie and his very best friend, A Shirley Hughes book review

Shirley Hughes is one of my favourite authors, I have read a great many of her books over the years and we are now enjoying reading them to our own Little Ones. We seem to be generating a small collection of her 'Alfie' books on Little 3's book shelf, he was given a set when he was born and we have gained a few more since. I do love these books and he is old enough now to enjoy listening to them too.

The latest book in our Alfie collection is 'Alfie And His Very Best Friend' which has just been released and is themed around friendship and kindness.

Follow the stories of Alfie and his very best friend, Bernard as they have lots of adventures. This book tells the tales of a trip to the library, a scooter race and the creation of a very special club with only two members.

I thought the previous book we reviewed was lovely but this new book is another level of loveliness again! The picture on the front cover sets the tone for the whole book, turn the page and even the inside of the book jacket is beautiful, a gorgeous blue colour with a balloon and stars design. 

As always, Hughes has done an excellent job, the charming stories are beautifully illustrated throughout. Little 1 is almost seven and she picked up this book to read when it arrived, then went on to read the stories to her brother and sister. Afterwards I heard them discussing what happened in the scooter race and how nice it is to be kind to others. This book has been requested at several bedtimes this week already. 

This book is truly lovely and if Little 3 had a little friend then he would be getting this book from us for Christmas, should you wish to buy the book it can be bought from Amazon.

There are some Alfie and his very best friend activity sheets available to download too. Help Alfie find his way through the maze, spot the difference and even create a 'my very best friend certificate'.

N.B We were gifted a copy of this book for the review however all opinions are our own. There are NO affiliate links in this post.

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