7 October 2016

A visit to the forest this Autumn

The weather is changing and the leaves are turning brown, there is a definite chill in the mornings and Autumn is well and truly on the way. We hopped in the car one Saturday afternoon after a phone call from Grampy saying they were heading in the direction of one of our favourite spots and would we like to join them. 

They were heading to the beautiful Forest of Dean about a 45 minute drive from us. I thought it would be lovely to head over there and take some Autumn pictures of the children, trees and leaves. I quickly put together a flask of hot chocolate, a pack of biscuits and rummaged in the cupboard for something to take for the Little Ones.

As luck would have it Aldi had kindly sent us a hamper of their award-winning Mamia 100% organic baby and toddler range for the Little Ones to test out, so I grabbed the juice, fruit pouches and rice cakes and off we went.

On arrival at our favourite forest picnic spot the Little Ones immediately ran to find Granny, Grampy and Great Granny who had snagged a picnic table next to the play park. Having been sat in the car for 45 minutes they were full of energy and giggled and chased each other, ran around the grass climbing and jumping off logs and jumping high in the air with piles of leaves.

At this point it had been a whole hour since we finished lunch and needless to say little tummies were rumbling and the Little Ones were apparently STARVING. I pulled out a bag of Mamia organic raspberry rice cakes. They were gone within a couple of minutes, no way was Little 3 was going to release the packet until it was empty. All three children declared them yummy!

Refueled and ready for action the Little Ones abandoned the football and descended upon the play area. Here they played... 

..rode (and hugged) a wild boar, 

...took the train to Devon...

...swung over a crocodile infested ravine,

..investigated the properties of wood chippings and how aerodynamic they were (Little 3 has reached the throwing stage!) 

...and generally enjoyed themselves.

The plan had been to go for a stroll, a walk among the trees and take some pictures but the Little Ones were happy playing in the park and so there we stayed keeping warm with hot chocolate until we realised that we had been there nearly 3 hours and it was time to be thinking about heading home for tea.

The Little Ones were getting hungry again and so we pulled out the rest of our snacks and they all tucked in. More rice cakes were consumed as well as a pouch of fruit each, perfect to grab and go (we keep a few in the change bag and under the pushchair for those hungry moments with Little 3) and the Children tried the organic Apple and Blackcurrant spring water which went down a treat. Sticky hands were wiped with Aldi Mamia Sensitive wet wipes and we set off for home, tired out and with happy tummies.

We have an Aldi down the road from us and I do some of my shopping there, we regularly buy the Aldi organic Mamia fruit pouches, fruit pots and rice cakes for all the Little Ones, but they do savoury pouches and flavoured spring water too. The range is a great price starting at just 59p and it all tastes great too. With Little ones needing to snack, I love the fact that you can just grab them and take them anywhere, we have fruit pouches in the change bag and pots of rice cakes under the pushchair, especially useful if Little 3 looks like he is going to fall asleep and the girls take them to school in their packed lunch to school too.

N.B This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia. We received our hamper of Mamia products in return for our participation. 


  1. looks like a fun time was had by all x

  2. It certainly looks like they had a whole of a time and loved their mamia treats xx

  3. Oooo the picnic looks lovely. I love eating outdoors #maternitymondays

  4. I love a day spent outdoors.. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! X

  5. We love our visits to the forest. We usually pack the bikes, finlay loves riding through the mud and getting really dirty. We actually went today, but without the boy child, we had one of those elusive child free days!


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