27 September 2016

You know you are a blogger when....

I have now been blogging for over two and a half years although it does not seem that long at all. There are some things that as a blogger you do that other people do not and therefore you know you are a blogger when....

You are on first name terms with the postman
There are regular deliveries of parcels arriving at your address, things to review and blog related stuff as well as the Christmas shopping. The postman knows you on a first name basis, he knows what time of day you will be in and pops back with your things when he knows you will be back from the school run/toddler group/Tesco, he almost knows your schedule as well as you do. The postman also brings you parcels from all over the street as he knows you will take them in because the neighbours take in just as many for you.

.....but it is not just the postman, you recognize the faces of the most common delivery drivers and know who they work for, you even recognise the car of the lady from Hermes as it pulls up outside your house, and even she knows the best time to call!

No one touch that parcel 
Everyone in the house knows not to touch the parcel that has just arrived, the Little Ones are dying to rip into it and see what it is but they wait while you get out the camera and replace the battery as you need to get the 'opening the parcel' shot. They arrange themselves around the parcel and halt as you snap, then with the product on the table/carpet they back away as they know you don't want them in that particular shot!

Wait for it, go
Once the girl's hair has been tied back so you can see their faces and you have changed their tops with coco pops down the front! They then gets their hands on the goodies inside and are allowed to play with them, while instead of getting down and playing with your children, you stand there with the camera, trying to capture some good pictures of them playing with or using the goods for the all important blog post that needs to follow.

The 'review' pile
You know the one, mine is piled up on the printer in the lounge, there is stuff that is waiting to be photographed and stuff you need the children to try on, wear, play with while you take pictures and other stuff you haven't quite worked out what you are going to do with yet, but you need to write about it and it stays there in that pile until you have done so.

Your children have a photo pose
Your Little ones are a bloggers kids so they know the score, depending on the situation, they either try to look natural and happy while not looking at the camera or they smile and pose while you get that needed shot. Little 1 has a habit of posing whenever the camera is out and I have lost count of the number of times I have said just be yourself and play, this isn't for the blog.
You arrive somewhere for a day out, a trip or a visit and the children immediately stand by the entrance sign waiting for a photo, this pose is also evident as they have a go on the rides, dive into the soft play or peer at an animal. For goodness sake kids, act natural, just have fun and forget I have the camera out, not every photo I take is for the blog, we want some pictures for memories too. 

But then there is 'the shot spot'

Every blogger has 'a spot' you know the one where you stand the children to photograph them, usually it is outside, the blank bit of wall, the garage door, or that lovely bit of flower bed. For us as the garden needs a thorough tidy and there is a window on the garage wall at the front, the front room has to suffice. There is a spot where the light is better and there are no toys, washing, general mayhem in sight within my viewfinder. You get the children to stand there for those clothes shots, the group shot. Even Little 3 knows the score, as soon as the camera is out and one of the girls stands there he is there like a shot, smile plastered on his face, even if I don't need him in it, he loves the camera.

The neighbours must think you are weird
There are constant streams of parcels arriving at your house and half of the ones that the neighbours take in for you have your blog name on the front (at least mine is not too weird). Your children regularly pose against the garage wall first thing in the morning and dressed up in their party clothes before an event. 
They see you take your children across the road for 5 minutes to photograph them jumping in puddles mid-summer in winter waterproofs and 10 minutes later you are crouching down in the grass of the back garden photographing a product with a 'natural' backdrop. The neighbours do not know that you are a blogger as you think they might think you are strange but then they must do anyway!

Your inbox is full of weird and wonderful press releases
You know you have made it as a blogger when everytime you download your email there are at least a dozen emails and most of them are requests from pr companies, press releases, offers of work or other blog related bits. But then there are the weird odd ones, do I want to feature a non slip shower step on my blog or promote the local tile centre sale, when you start getting emails like this your name must be getting round and you can tell yourself you have made it as a blogger. 


  1. All so true! Every now and again I try to go out without the camera and just enjoy playing with my girls. Those days are often the best and i regret not having photos. Nowadays i'm in the puddles with the girls getting weird looks from neighbours. My girls get fed up with having to have their hair tidied up xx

  2. Relentlessly Purple14 May 2017 at 08:52

    So true hahaha


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