13 September 2016

We took on the Wicked Uncle Challenge..

Are you ever stuck buying gifts for other people's children? I know I get stuck sometimes, a gift for a little girl under the age of about 8 or a toddler boy and I am sorted I tend to know what they like having my own of that age. But when it comes to my 11 year old nephew or a friends 10 year old daughter I am totally stuck. With my thoughts turning to the Christmas shopping I have no idea what to buy for several children. 

I have recently come across the website Wicked Uncle who sell gifts for children, babies right up through to teens and they promise to help you find the perfect gift even if you do not know what you want to buy-yet. We were invited to take the Wicked Uncle blogger Challenge and put this service to the test.

We needed: 
A child to receive a gift (well, the three Little Ones were definitely willing there!)...
A Wicked Uncle (or Aunt, sister, friend etc) who needed help buying gifts for the child/ren, Uncle M (my brother) volunteered for that role...
and one blog to write all about it! Challenge accepted.

Wicked Uncle sent Uncle M a voucher to use on their website to buy the Little ones some super gifts using their service. Then we waited for them to arrive and see whether Uncle M, with the help of Wicked Uncle, had got it right.

Uncle M told us all about the website,
'It was easy to navigate and they came up with some good different ideas for presents that I would not have thought of and I liked that you could search by age, gender as well as a category of interest too.
Quite a few of the products listed for 1/2 year olds said they were not suitable for under 3 years so I had to be careful with what I chose for Little 3. (Little 3 at 17 months still puts a lot of things in his mouth).
You have to pay a flat rate of postage per order (£2.95) so that can make a smaller gift become quite expensive and even if you spend quite a bit you still have to pay postage on top. I did like that you can add gift wrapping or a card to be super efficient when buying a birthday gift though.'

So with the parcel on its way and myself and the Little Ones having no idea what that been chosen, I had a peep at the website and thought what they had listed for each of my children's ages was pretty much spot on, there was loads of stuff they would have liked to receive. 

We didn't have to wait long, the parcel arrived a couple of days later and Uncle M even got an email to say his parcel had been delivered, we invited him around to see the children open their gifts. But did they like them??

Chunky dinosaur puzzle £8.95

Little 3 received a Chunky dinosaur puzzle and you can tell by the look on his face that he was quite amazed. Lovely colourful chunky wooden dinosaurs that fitted into matching spaces and the pieces stand alone too so they can be played with. He loves his puzzle with 'putting things in and out' being one of the things that he likes to do at the moment.

Little 2 received a Beginner's Building Set of Gears and she was pretty impressed, the box was immediately opened and all three Little Ones got busy with that, building and turning the handle to make their creations go around. There was lots in the set so plenty to go around and instructions to make cool things like a caterpillar too. This has been a huge hit and played with on a daily basis by all three particularly Little's 2 and 3.

Beginners set of gears 96 pc £23.00

Uncle M's gift to Little 1 was a Natural History Museum Pocket Microscope, small, light and compact it works just by turning on the light and holding it up close to something so she has been venturing out into the garden and eying up all the creepy crawlies. She also found it fascinating looking at her skin (and scabs eugh!) too. It also comes with a stand and slide to you can use it like that as well.

Natural History Museum Pocket Microscope £11.95

Well Wicked Uncle had some great stuff to chose from and Uncle M got each of the Little Ones something they think is great. Now just to get them to write the little Thank you card that came in the parcel and give him a little surprise back. Thanks Wicked Uncle.

N.B Uncle M was gifted a £40 voucher to use at Wicked Uncle for the purposes of this challenge. All opinions are our (and Uncle M's ) own honest thoughts. 

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  1. Wow, what a great challenge and some fab pressie choices there. Love that it comes with thank you card too xx


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