19 September 2016

Mummy feels a little lost

Little 2 has now been at school two weeks, I can not believe how fast it is going really. So far she absolutely without a doubt loves it, however when I ask her about her day she says she has done colouring, played in the sandpit, listened to stories and had lunch, oh and judging by the state of her uniform played with black pens and glue! She did say she had learnt how to count backwards from ten though, but she could already do that. I do hope that once they do a little more learning that she will still love it just as much.

The thing is it is all very different at home and it all feels a bit weird and a bit wrong too. Last year Little 2 did 3 full days at preschool so it isn't as if she hasn't been away during the day before but she had 2 days at home with Little 3 and me and it is that which I am missing.

I gave up work after having Little 2 and became a Stay at Home Mum, financially having 2 children at nursery didn't tally and so the decision was made. This means that Little 2 has always been at home with me and much of the time it was just us as her elder sister started pre-school and then school too. 

I would do all the housework and shopping etc with Little 3 when she was at pre-school and on her days off we would have a little bit of a routine. She always asked for a 'hot chocolate' (warm chocolate Nesquik) and a biscuit upon getting home from dropping Little 1 at school. If we were staying at home we would play and do creative things with Little 3 before he went down for a nap. As soon as he was in bed she would get out a disney film and ask to sit and watch it with me or ask to play with playdough or bake, this time was our time, an hour while her brother was asleep twice a week. I miss that hour.

If we were going out, we would usually head to somewhere with a cafe, (more often than not with Nanny as it was her day off too) we frequented the local garden centres and toddler hot spots sometimes venturing into town returning in time for the school run. Nanny and I would chat, and Little 2 was totally happy to sit and do colouring or we would all wander around somewhere outdoors, go for a walk and take in a play park or two. 

Little 2 is now, as of today, full time at school and it just feels quite strange, it is totally different to her being at preschool, now she is there all week. Even with Little 3 running around creating havoc at home, toddler groups and keeping busy with housework (and blogging too) it feels a little quiet at home and I have to admit I am feeling a little lost without Little 2 around.


  1. Aww I felt like this last year when my middle one started school,it is funny how you get used to them being around and the little routine you create with each other and I miss the fun we had before he started school. But he loves school and it's all new adventures xx

  2. Aaah bless you. I haven't had much time to feel anything as been poorly some `Daisy started. Its very weird with them all out all day though but have plans to get fit again and start pro blogging/ freelance writing. Just need to feel well first xx


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