19 September 2016

#MaternityMondays 19th September

Welcome to #MaternityMondays 19th September.

This week it is Emma's turn to host so she will be commenting on all your linked posts.

A great big Thank You to Meme and Harri for linking her post 'I should be a pro at this' detailing her feelings of pregnancy the third time around. The stresses and strains are still much the same even if you have done it all before.

And Thank you also to Naptime Natter who's post tells truthfully the pregnancy essentials that you REALLY need. Having said that, my pregnancy essential was a very large bottle of Gaviscon, I can still remember the heartburn.

As always, please comment on both hosts' posts and as many of the others as you can.

Grab the badge and tweet us using the hashtag #MaternityMondays and we will share.

Have a lovely week.

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