12 September 2016

#MaternityMondays 12th September

Welcome to #MaternityMondays 12th September.

We had some great bloggers link up last week. Thank you for linking, long may it continue.

It is my turn to host and comment this week so I will be sure to read your linked posts. 

Emma hosted last week and says that her two favourite posts from the link up were along a similar theme- when you get to the point that you think things are ok even if you have gone against advice and what other people are doing.

Meme and Harri's post was saying it is ok if you don't manage to do your hair, put a bit of weight on and cry-amen to that.

Likewise, Poppy Reflects, looks at routines. I think with my first baby, I was obsessed with routines as it is one of those annoying questions people love to ask when you have a new baby- 'are you in a routine yet?' I defy anybody to make a five week old baby get into a routine. Just relax and it will come.

As always, show some love. Comment on both hosts' posts and as many of the others as you can. Also if you tweet us using the hashtag #MaternityMondays we will share.

Have a lovely week.


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