3 September 2016

Little 3 makes #smartDiscoveries with smarTrike

When we were contacted recently to see if Little 3 would be interested in taking part in the smarTrike #SmartDiscoveries campaign, we knew it would be perfect for him right now. At the age of 17 months he is into utterly everything to do with nature and outdoors. A 5 minute stroll down the road takes around half an hour with him stopping every other step to crouch and observe something on the pavement or lean and run a plant through his fingers, and bugs and beasties, oh how much he loves to watch them.

What can I discover today?
We were sent a smarTrike Infinity 5 in 1 to take on an adventure and asked to record Little 3's #smartDiscoveries along the way. We took our trike to the Forest of Dean and went for a family stroll around a lake and through the woods. We had a great time with Little 3 in his smarTrike, he was able to take in all his surroundings and have fun on the way too driving his trike and taking several important pretend phone calls.

Check out our video of our #smartDiscoveries in the forest.

The best discovery on the day was getting up close and personal with a pine cone, so much so that he sat and held it all the way home in the car, he simply would not let go of it!

We love our smarTrike having fully tested it several times now. Daddy now refuses to take the pushchair preferring the smarTrike which he finds much easier to push and steer than our pushchair. With the reclining padded seat and harness Little 3 is safe, comfortable and protected from the sun with the removable UV canopy. I love how the trike adapts right through from how we use it now (suitable from 10 months) until he is three years old and riding it as a stand alone trike. Little 3 loved to pretend to drive along steering the handlebars and play with the toy phone whilst the drinks holder has come in handy with all the hot weather.

Do you have a smarTrike?? What #smartDiscoveries has your Little One made?

N.B We were sent a smarTrike for our involvement in this campaign.


  1. I love those trikes! We got a smartrike for our boy but it was nowhere near as fancy as this one, I love that it has a cover and it reclines.xx #maternitymondays

  2. I can't believe how grown up he is now sarah. This looks perfect for keeping up with big sisters x


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