22 September 2016

Let down by VERTBAUDET, and it is not the first time

Have you heard of the children's wear company Vertbaudet? They are part of a group of several companies but Vertbaudet is the one that sells children's clothes, nursery and Children's bedroom goods.

Recently we have been let down by them, twice and it is not the first time so we have decided to share our experiences with you and let you decide.

This latest order will be our last, I will not be shopping with them again which to be honest is a shame as their clothes are actually quite lovely. We have been ordering from them for the past 7 years since just before Little 1 was born and in that time we have been let down on several occasions with the latest disappointment this week.

All Little 1 wanted for her birthday this year (in 2.5 weeks) was a desk for her room and paper, pens, stickers and other drawing related bits. Daddy and I had already decided that she could do with a desk in her room before she said this and so I was decided, a desk we shall get.

Little 1's room is not huge and with her bed wardrobe, and drawers in there we needed something compact which would replace her toy unit, after looking around online for many evenings and secretly measuring and rearranging her room in my head a hundred times, I found the perfect desk for her from Vertbaudet.

Oh it was gorgeous, small yet large enough to use for study, it was white with a purple fairy silhouette up one side, it had a cupboard for all her paper and pens and 3 cubby holes at the top/back painted inside with pink and purple, perfect for all the stationary accessories we had bought for her, as well as a pink fronted drawer. We knew this desk would look fab in her pink and mint bedroom and at adult desk height we knew she would not outgrow it anytime soon. (I haven't included a picture as I haven't got permission to use one!)

At the time the desk was showing as available early October, just a few days before her birthday so I dropped customer services an email enquiring about the availability of the desk and whether it would be delivered in time. The reply came saying that the desk was available and in stock and would be delivered in their normal delivery window of 5-10 days. 

I popped back on the website later on noticing that it now said 'available' where it had said October before. I ordered the desk and also ordered a matching white chair and a butterfly waste paper bin that would go well in her room.

Fast forward 11 days and apart from an email order confirmation, there was no word about my order, so I logged in and all items were still pending according to my account. The following morning I woke to an automated email informing me that the desk was no longer available and had been cancelled.

Gutted was how I felt, this desk had ticked all the boxes and I knew she would have absolutely loved it, I couldn't wait to see her face when she came home from school and found it in her bedroom on her birthday. The desk was still showing as available on the website so I emailed customer services again and contacted them on twitter (who advised me to email) to try and find out what was happening, this was late Friday morning. 

The thing is that it is not the first time that Vertbaudet have cancelled an item after it had been pending for this length of time, this has happened several times to me in the past. It states on the website that many goods are held in their France warehouse and this is why standard delivery time is much longer than many other companies as they have to be shipped to the UK first. It makes me wonder if items are reserved for UK orders or continue to be sold and shipped in France leaving none left to fulfil UK orders. It seems from my experience that things are suddenly cancelled and become no longer available as the rest of the order is sent to the customer, this has happened to us 4/5 times now.

Over the weekend the desk was still apparently 'available' right up until Monday night when is said 'sold out' (I wonder how many people ordered it in that time and will be disappointed). Tuesday I still hadn't received a reply to my email and the remainder of my order appeared a whole 15 days after placing it (they say standard delivery is 5-7 days if items are available), the chair was fine but the bin arrived completely flattened.

my 'round' bin and the two bags.

I am not surprised it arrived like this as instead of being well packed, it was inside 2 plastic bags, no padding or anything, even a box, just in a delivery bag. Being metal this meant it was ruined and the paint was cracked so I tweeted Vertbaudet a photo and they advised me to email to which I replied I was still waiting on the reply from 4 days previous.

I emailed again also including a copy of the email from Friday, and it was at teatime the phone rang. I had not been expecting a phone call and as I was in the middle of serving up tea with a hungry toddler strapped in the highchair my mind was not really on the call. The man on the phone apologised for the issues and offered to refund me for the bin and send a replacement out too. He also said that as I had tweeted them he had been checking out my twitter profile 'to get a feel of the customer'. Probably wanting to see if I was a serial complainer or something like that, I have never complained about anything before. No doubt he noticed that I was a blogger as it is splattered all across twitter and having noticed a picture I put up of Little 3 pointing at stuff in a clothing catalogue captioned 'choosing his Autumn wardrobe' he offered to send me an item for Little 3 as a gesture of goodwill. I did point out that it was Little 1 who's birthday gifts had been cancelled and damaged and so he said I could chose something for her too.

There isn't much on the website at the moment with it being the sale of summer stuff and too early for the Winter collection and a lot of bits I liked were out of stock in the right size so I ended up choosing a set of long sleeved tops for Little 3 and a nightie/leggings set for Little 1. We shall see whether these items turn up and if the bin arrives in better packaging so watch this space.


  1. I can't believe they thought plastic bags would be enough!

  2. Oh no! I saw something about this on instagram! Such a shame. I hope its been resolved for you xx


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