23 September 2016

Don't let stress iritate you this National Eczema week

It is that time of year when I notice, Little 1 is scratching again, the backs of her knees and inside her elbows are dry and she has been itching at school, it wasn't that red looking this morning.

Why has it suddenly flared up again? The weather has cooled down and she is still wearing skirts and leggings so it isn't her clothing making her hot and itchy. The heating isn't on so that isn't drying her skin out but she does seem quite tired from being back at school. But come to think of it, my hands are really dry too and beginning to itch but my eczema has been under control for months. 

Going back to school this year has been an adjustment for Little 1, one of her best friends has not returned to her class this year and moved away, and judging by her behaviour is feeling a little stressed. I too am not the most relaxed at the moment, getting three Little Ones ready and the girls at school on time while juggling different pick ups for various after school clubs as well as ensuring both girls are completing their homework can be tricky. 

The makers of AVEENO® understand that at times life can be quite stressful. Taking care of the kids and the household, and having a busy lifestyle can have a big impact on your skin. Stress can exacerbate dry sensitive skin and is also known to cause eczema prone skin to flare up due to the release of the stress hormone, cortisol.

This week is National Eczema Week (17th-25th September 2016) and the makers of AVEENO® have teamed up with Dr Rob Hicks to share some top tips in managing eczema prone skin, stress and anxiety. 

1. Don't suffer in silence- If you are feeling stressed seek support from friends, family or a health care professional.

2. Moisturise frequently- This is essential to manage dry eczema skin to lock in moisture and protect the skin barrier.

3. Regular exercise- It is great for overall health and can help manage stress, release endorphins and helps to improve sleep.

4. Sleep- Aim for 7 hours and moisturise before bed to prevent itching keeping you awake.

5. Try relaxation- Yoga, breathing exercises or meditation can reduce stress.

Little 1 and I both use products from the AVEENO® Sensitive range which are formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal. She has the cream on prescription from her doctor and uses it frequently throughout the day and we both use the Bath and Shower oil and the Shower wash too which cleanse and leave the skin hydrated and conditioned. I find both our skin is much less irritated and itchy with AVEENO®, we have been using their products for several years now.

N.B We received a couple of AVEENO® products for Sharing these tips with you.

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