5 August 2016

An afternoon of digging on Saundersfoot beach

We have recently returned from our summer holiday in Wales, we stayed in the Pembrokeshire coast area, somewhere where we have visited before and the Little Ones wanted to return. No holiday of ours is far from the coast and is not complete without at least one day on the beach, the Little ones love the beach. 

Granny and Grampy, who we were holidaying with, had found a lovely beach just round the corner from Saundersfoot called Coppit Hall, with reasonably priced car parking and all important toilets for the children. The beach has a stream running down onto it and is very flat, this meant there was an area with shallow flowing water, great for digging lots of gloopy sand, and being higher up away from the waves it was safe for the Little Ones to play too.

The Little Ones didn't hesitate in donning their sun suits and heading down to play. Little 3 walked hand in hand onto the beach with Daddy (Mummy was left lugging an armful of towels and buckets) and stepped tentatively in the chilly water.

He took great delight in feeling the water beneath his toes and his feet sinking in the boggy sand with a great smile on his face. He enjoyed a little toddle tapping his feet in the water but was reluctant to touch the sand with his hands.

Soon the children grew accustomed to the coolness of the water and wanted to start digging, armed with a bucket and spade each they got busy.

After flitting around in a few small rock pools where I had set up the blanket, the Little Ones decided to plonk themselves right in the middle of the stream bit. Little 3 still wasn't keen on the sand on his hands but loved digging, he crouched there in his little spot, his feet sinking into the sand, with a pot and a spade and dug to his heart's content.

With a little encouragement from Daddy (he is like a 4th child when it comes to the beach) the girls decided to build a sand dam and create a little paddling pool for themselves like a few other families had done. While they were busy building up the sides and watching it fill with water, Little 3 was quite happy gathering spadefuls of sand and filling his little pot, tipping it out onto the dam and repeating. 

Little 2 was quite happy doing her own thing, a bit of digging here and there, digging herself a hole to wriggle in and popping back and forth to look for creatures in the rockpools.

For nearly an hour or maybe more, Little 3 did not move from his spot, he never attempted to get up or do anything different, he just dug and dug (still keeping his hands out of the sand) until I noticed he was getting a bit shivery as the wind was getting up. one by one I took the Little Ones back up to the car to dry off and get into warmer clothes before they sat back down on the blanket and played with the sand around the edges.

Unfortunately it was rather damp and cool the rest of our week away and so although we visited the beach and seafront again we never did make it back on the sand that week. We shall have to plan a day trip to our nearest beach this summer, weather permitting. 

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  1. The beach always makes me behave like a child too. Lots of fun. Shame there wasn't a few more beach days for you but looks like a lovely day x


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