8 July 2016

Little 1 reviews.. Tiger Days and the secret cat by Sarah Lean

Little 1 has been reading yet another book this week, this time it was the turn of 'Tiger Days and the secret cat' by Sarah Lean. The book is aimed at age 7+ and Little 1 has no trouble reading it. 

The book tells the story of Tiger, who absolutely loves tigers, surprisingly. When Tiger goes to spend the holidays with her grandma there is a surprise guest in the house who she really isn't sure about at first and what on earth is that noise coming from upstairs. With her friend Tom the pair put on their brave faces and tackle their challenges.

The illustrations throughout the book are lovely, pencil drawing type illustrations, their placement across the page is great as they kind of interweave and join the story together and drawing your eye to the relevant picture as you are reading. Little 1 loves the pictures and it is great that there are so many in this book as it gave her something to look at and imagine the story that little bit more.

Little 1 read the book herself and says. 'I liked the story, it was a bit scary when Tiger was waiting to see what was in the lift and I thought the bit where Monday is swimming in Grumps' pond was especially funny. I did think the story ended a bit suddenly though but I would still like to read the next one in the series.

N.B We were gifted our copy of this book for the purpose of review however all views and opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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  1. How cute little 1 can review things herself now. Looks like a great book x


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