27 June 2016

Little 1 reviews... Rent a Bridesmaid by Jacqueline Wilson

As a child I loved reading and read all sorts of books, one of my favourites was 'The Story of Tracy Beaker' written by Jacqueline Wilson. I read many a Jacqueline Wilson book after that, I loved the way she wrote, the fun illustrations in most of her books by the talented Nick Sharratt and the humour throughout her stories.

Little 1's reading is getting better and better, she is now on the last reading level before becoming a free-reader and has been going to the year above to get her reading books for a while now. We were recently offered the chance to read 'Rent a Bridesmaid' by Jacqueline Wilson. Knowing how much I liked her books when I was younger and that Little 1 would be able to read it with a little help from me we said 'Yes please' and eagerly awaited the book's arrival.

Rent a Bridesmaid follows the story of Tilly who dreams of becoming a bridesmaid one day, it is just her luck when Tilly's best friend Matty gets to be a bridesmaid and she hates anything to do with weddings. Tilly decides to do an advertisement offering her services as a bridesmaid but will anyone take up her offer?

One thing I have noticed about Jacqueline Wilson is that there is often another underlying storyline in her books and this one is no different. Along with the desire of wanting to become a bridesmaid Tilly is dealing with her mum running out on her and her father. Tilly is struggling with her feelings and trying to come to terms with the changes in her life. Her friendship with Matty, Matty's family and her understanding teacher and well as her loving father all help her through the difficult time.

This book is aimed at the 7-9 age bracket. Little 1 loved the bright pink cover and was pleased to see illustrations throughout the book too. I love the style of Nick Sharret's illustrations in the Jacqueline Wilson books, they always make the book look fun and interesting.

At 6 and a half Little 1 was able to read large chunks of this book herself without difficulty, the writing is large and clear with pictures throughout. Sometimes she read to me and sometimes I read to her, the book is a good length (360 pages) and it took us a week to get through. Little 1 was easily able to understand the story and understand what the characters were thinking and feeling.

The book did however raise a few questions as to why Tilly's mother had left and why did she not see her anymore, this prompted us to have a good chat about what sometimes happens to families and, as Little one is a sensitive little girl, reassure her that nothing was going to happen in our family. 

Little 1 says... ' I would love to be a bridesmaid one day and have a pretty pink dress like Tilly. I think this book is funny and I liked the story, the pictures were nice too. I liked doing the word search and spot the difference in the back of the book too'

N.B We were gifted our copy of this book for the purpose of review however all words and opinions are our own honest thoughts.


  1. When I was a lot younger I LOVED Jacqueline Wilson books and my favourite of all time was The bed and breakfast star. I read it over and over again. I could actually read these now at the age of 29 as i think they are fab books.

  2. Fab books. I must admit I regularly read through the girls books even though they mostly read alone now. I like to know what they are reading and the stories are lovely. Poppy gets upset when I read them in the bath though x


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