10 June 2016

Holiday means Fun Family Time together

For the whole of half-term we went away on holiday, 8 days away and boy didn't we all need it. The last time we had been on holiday was exactly a year ago and back then we had an 11 week old baby with us so this year it was totally different. Little 3 is 14 months old now and walking, attempting to run and pointing and chatting away, it was like our first real holiday as a family of 5.

Two years ago we took the girls to the Isle of Wight on holiday and had an amazing week of sunshine and family fun, it was the first time I had been there then too and I fell in love with the place. We had the best time ever and it was a holiday we all enjoyed, the girls had been asking to go back ever since we got home that time. So we did and this time we asked Nanny and my brother, to come with us.

For us holidays are about having fun and being a family, with Daddy working full time he doesn't get to spend much time with the children so they particularly enjoy having him around for a week and I get a few minutes without a toddler on the hip too.

Everyone was as good as gold on the 3 hour drive to the ferry (Little 3 slept for half of it) and the girls got excited as soon as they saw the ferry coming in. It was beautifully warm and sunny up on deck and the crossing was over on no time our holiday had begun..

We had to wake Little 3 for the crossing!

I knew that where we were staying did not have wi-fi and that I probably wouldn't find any near our caravan park so I decided to leave the laptop at home and therefore not touch my email for a week, after all what was I likely to miss. (I missed an offer of Britmums sponsorship, that's what-gutted!!). I did take my phone and camera so I took plenty of pictures but I quite often didn't bother to get them out and just spent time with my family instead of taking pictures, memories are better anyway .

We had a great time on holiday, we did have some cold, wet days in the middle but hot sunshine either end, there was sandcastle and moat building on the beach, swimming in the outdoor pool, a zoo, a steam train, the Needles, a windmill, lots of pub meals and fish and chips too... I shall share more with you in the next week or so.

The best bit according to the girls was the swimming pool just a stones throw from our caravan, although it was outdoor it was heated and warm, the girls loved splashing around and judging by the screams of delight Little 3 did too!

I think one of the best bits of our week away was the fact that with four adults around Little 3 was able to be a whole lot freer than when we are normally out and about. Although he did spent some time in the pushchair we let him out to walk, wander and explore an awful lot that week and he utterly loved it. 

An overcast and windy view of the Solent

My favourite part of the whole week was when we visited Fort Victoria on the edge of the Solent. It was an overcast day with a cold sea wind and everyone else had gone to watch a show in the planetarium which wasn't suitable for Little 3. 

I took him around the front of the fort to a big grass area and we ran and ran, chased and giggled, it was so windy he was getting blown over by great gusts of wind and it was so much fun, he was smiling ear to ear. When the others came out he just kept running everywhere with the biggest smile on his face, having fun chasing us and the girls running after him, then for a while he sat and picked daisies, so carefully picking them and putting them back down before he tried to eat them. 


back up...

and down again.
One happy chappy tired out.
Such simple family fun but these times really are the best, what is your favourite family thing to do on holiday?

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