30 June 2016

A day of fun at the Needles on the Isle of Wight

When visiting the Isle of Wight you can't not visit the Needles, having enjoyed ourselves there 2 years previously, we headed there again on our latest holiday. With the girls being older and having Nanny and Uncle M with us to help hold Little 3 we were able to do all the things that the girls had been too young for/not interested in last time.

Everything at the Needles is paid for using tokens (the rides, golf, chair lift etc and they can be used in all the shops and food places too), currently £9 will get you a book of 12 tokens (worth £1 each) so it is better value to use tokens rather than cash. The brilliant thing is you can use your Tesco vouchers to get days out vouchers that can be used at the Needles and £10 of our Tesco vouchers bought us £40 of days out tokens which converted to 52 needles tokens, so we had plenty of vouchers to spend and it didn't actually cost us any money (apart from £5 for the car park).

It started off being quite a cool day with us needing jumpers and coats, the children wanted to go on everything which was fine as we had lots of tokens, under fives were free on most things too so even better we only had to pay for 3 of us. 

We all had a go or two on the carousel, all 5 of us including Nanny are in this shot! It was great that Little 3 could go on all the rides as long as he was with an adult.

Little 1 had a go in those floating ball things, she was on an elastic and ran and crawled as fast as she could to try and reach us standing at the end of the pool, she was shattered when she came out but thoroughly enjoyed it, having made it to high five us through the netting.

Lots more rides, fun, laughs and smiles followed throughout the morning until it was time for our picnic lunch.

After lunch the Little ones were desperate to make sand ornaments, using the various coloured sand collected from around the famous Alum Bay. This time Little 2 chose a cat and Little 1 chose a glass heart that they filled with stripy sand, they are proudly on display in their bedrooms alongside the ones they made 2 years ago, they really love their sand art.

A nap for Little 3 in the pushchair prompted a visit to the glass making area, it was really hot in there, we watched them making vases and paperweights this time and the Little Ones bought a few shaped glass nuggets with their tokens too.

A visit to the sweet making demonstration followed with everyone enjoying a few of the warm rock sweets afterwards. We popped Little 3 in the back carrier and took the girls to play crazy golf, they were remarkably good and it was a close call between them. 

We treated ourselves to icecreams and took the steps down to the beach, looking at the various rock and sand colours of the cliffs and the famous Needles landmark as we walked.

We spent quite a while on the beach playing with the stones and climbing the rocks. Little 3 wanted to eat everything he could get his hands on and the girls were in a good mood wanting to pose for pictures and saying 'look at me' as they climbed and smiled.

We suddenly realised it was nearly 6 o'clock having heard the last call for the chair lift and time to be getting going, the Little Ones were getting hungry and tired. Nanny and Uncle M used the last of their tokens to take the easy way up on the chair lift while the Little ones had a sudden burst of energy and raced them back up to the top.

We had another really lovely day at the Needles and it hardly cost us a penny using our Tesco tokens and taking our own picnic. The one thing I would say though is to get there early otherwise you will find yourself queueing a mile back up the road for the car park as it gets full quickly, luckily we knew this from last time and had got there when it opened, we still managed to stay all day, one of our best days out in a while.


  1. We had such a lovely day when we went to The Needles last month and it looks like you had a great day too! x

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time xx


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