19 May 2016

The Little ones visit Westbury court gardens

With summer on its way and the trees in full blossom we have been trying to get out and about a bit more lately with the Little Ones. Now that Little 3 has found his feet he wants to explore and with two big sisters around to help him what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then exploring the National Trust Westbury Court Gardens near us.

Rain was forecast and a chill in the air reminded us that summer was not here yet so we donned coats and headed in...

The gardens are quite small but we managed to spend a couple of hours there running around the planted patches, through the wildflowers in the tall grass, playing pooh sticks while watching the stream and spotting fish in the ornamental ponds.

On arrival Little 1 who had fallen over and hurt herself getting into the car, was not best pleased about going to 'some gardens' but having been asked by the man on the gate if she could do him a favour and feed the fish for him she began to brighten. Within moments the magic of the outdoors had taken effect and she was dashing around with a pot of fish food in hand smiling, giggling and demanding I took pictures of her as she posed in archways and on benches. 

We took in the vegetable patch and spring flowers blooming as we explored the linear gardens, we looked for and fed the fish in the ponds taking care not to get too close to the edge and popped upstairs in the pavilion to see the views. 

Little 2 was in a thoughtful frame of mind and while her sister ran around making lots of noise she was taking in the flowers and wandering around quietly deep in thought. She would not put down her feather or fish food the whole way around, this little girl loves nature and is quite at home pottering around in her own quiet way, I often wonder just what she is thinking. 

A bit of family photography was called for when Little 3 was let loose from the confines of his buggy, we hadn't taken a picture of the three of them together since his birthday. We managed to get some lovely snaps of them all together sitting on a bench. 

Little 3 had been walking just a couple of weeks when we went, it was his first proper outdoor expedition in shoes, with Little 1 to guide him he toddled around on the grass taking everything in and with a big grin, you could tell that he was loving the outdoors and being free. As a tiny baby last summer he hasn't yet had much experience of grass and so every step he stopped and felt it between his fingers, touching it and pulling his hand away at the texture and he tried to eat it too. It is wonderful to be able to see things like this as a parent, a first experience, learning, discovering and the joys on your childs face.

The sun was going down and the wind began to get up, the children started to get hungry and chilly. I always come prepared and we headed back to the pavilion and found some seats near the fish, a nice cup of warm hot chocolate and a mini doughnut went down very well all round which a group of chinese visitors found quite amusing as they filed out of the gardens!
On the way home the children were in good spirits as loud voices sung to the soundtrack of 'Mamma Mia', what a lovely afternoon.

Where shall we visit next?

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