23 May 2016

The Little ones are growing like weeds!

This past week I have realised just how much the Little Ones have grown since the winter. I had been doing the usual wardrobe sort out fishing out all the girls summer dresses and summer outfits that they have started wearing again after a winter in long sleeves and I was shocked to see how much Little 2 in particular had sprouted and how much she had changed too. 

Everything she tried on was not just a little small but markedly so, surely she hadn't grown that much but she had..

The picture below was taken in September 2015 the day she started preschool, she was wearing shoes and so without shoes would have been about as tall as halfway up the border.

This picture below was taken this week in the same place, look how much she has grown, she is actually over 4 and a half inches taller in 8 months, now thats over half an inch a month, incredible. Little 1 has had growth spurts but never shot up that fast. I am amazed too at how much her face has changed, her head is much longer too.

The top she is wearing in the picture was one of a set (age 4-5) I had bought her intending to give her last Christmas but they was so huge I kept them and we gave them to her for her 4th birthday in February instead, there was lots of growing room in them when she tried them on then but now just 3 months on they are way too small on the arms, all the clothes she has had recently are suddenly too small.

When we were sorting out the girls clothes most of Little 1's bits that we were keeping and handing down went straight into Little 2's drawers rather than in the loft for 12 months as we had done in the past, I don't think it will be that long before they are sharing clothes! I am very glad right now that I decided to order her school uniform in the bigger size of the two, the girls will actually be wearing the same size jumpers come September as Little 1 still has room to grow in hers (unless she has a super growth spurt over the summer)!! 

Both the girls are slim and have long bodies and limbs, so I find we have to size up in clothes for them. Little 2 is now comfortably fitting age 5-6 clothes and her elder sister at 6 and a half has been wearing age 7-8 for a while. We do however find this can be a problem sometimes, both girls are slim and as well as getting longer clothes get wider too. I have to be careful where we get our girls clothes from as sometimes they can be too wide for them and end up looking a bit tent like. Anything without an adjustable waist is a definate no no in our house too as they would fall straight down. Lately we have been loving some new summer dresses and having sized up I am hoping they will fit next summer too!!

Little 3 is growing as fast as his sisters, some of his trousers are looking a bit short and we have had to buy him some 18-24 month ones even though he is only 14 months. He is tall and on the 90th line for height but he also wears cloth nappies which are a bit bulkier than disposables so take up some of the room too. It is the size of his feet that is changing the most right now, he has gone up a whole size in 4 weeks. 

Bye bye baby shoes

We made the mistake of taking all 3 little ones to get their feet measured this weekend, cue one pair of new trainers and sandals for Little 1 (thankfully her school shoes were only bought in February and still fit her), sandals and trainers for Little 2 and new shoes for Little 3. I must admit I winced when I handed my card over for that one!!

I really can't believe how much the Little ones are growing right now and I do hope they slow down a bit soon, whilst it is lovely to see them happy healthy and growing, it costs a fortune to clothe and shoe them all. 

Have your children grown as much as mine lately?

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