26 May 2016

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The peanuts Movie - Review

Did you used to read and watch Snoopy and Charlie Brown as a child, I did. I remember that I liked Linus best with his little blanket and how Charlie Brown always used to talk to Snoopy and he never spoke back. I even had a Snoopy moneybox where Snoopy was lying on his back on his little red kennel and you put the money in his tummy.

Well now they are back in a new film and if you missed it at the cinema, Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is being released on Bluray and DVD from May 30th, just in time for half term. We were lucky enough to be sent a copy to review this week and we all watched it (some of us more than once!).

In the movie, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang appear as you have never seen them before. Directed by Steve Martino (Horton hears a Who), The film follows Charlie Brown on his heroic quest to win the heart of 'the red haired girl' and watch Snoopy take to the skies to battle his arch nemesis, the Red Baron, will they win? You will have to watch it to see.

I was a little worried about what they would do to bring Charlie Brown onto the movie screen but I needn't have worried. The animation is great, bright colours and fun scenes captured our attention whilst keeping the characters as I remember them. The film had us all laughing and was enjoyed by Little 1 and 2 throughout.

My favourite character has to be Snoopy, he is so funny pulling faces and making weird and wonderful noises, he really made me giggle a few times. Little 2 loved Linus as he reminded her of herself in the way he carries his blanket around with him like she does with her bunny comforter.

My favourite part of the film is where Charlie Brown is trying to get somewhere in a hurry and runs through the stalls of a funfair where he gets squirted with water and battered with balls before hopping on to the most slowest moving train ever.

We checked out the extras on our dvd and watched the 'Learn to draw Snoopy' clip. Little 2 demanded I had a go and although it isn't brilliant and I am definitely no artist, for my first attempt I was quite pleased. We all had a little jig to the music videos too.

Why don't you check out the movie over half term, it'll keep the children quiet for an hour or two!

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