9 May 2016

And he is off... Little 3 is walking

Little 3 has been walking for a couple of weeks now, it started with the odd step between furniture just after he turned 13 months old and he has been improving daily. He is now able to stop and turn, stoop and he even has a little run. Each time he sees me watching him he breaks into the biggest grin, he is so happy to be on his feet and proud of himself too.

It is funny to turn around and see him standing there and toddling towards me, he seems so grown up and like a fully fledged toddler now. His walking is still a novelty for Little 2 who, each time she sees him, shouts 'Mummy look, yeah, well done' and makes him smile even more.

He has been walking lots indoors and has done a little bit outside too. On a recent day out he loved wandering around on the grass holding Little 1's hand. When he is walking holding your hand he will only hold one hand, never two, and does a sort of funny sideways walk to get to where he is going, it is a bit funny.

Nanny bought him his first pair of wellies recently and I just can not wait to take him jumping in puddles, one of the girls favourite things. It is onwards and upwards now... the school run is going to get interesting, I think we will have to leave rather early if Little 3 is going to walk!!

Check out this little video of him today....


  1. Aww he's so lovely. I always think they look so small walking around and that they look like drunk little men. I wish little 3 and G would slow down a bit though they are growing up far too fast x

  2. Aww look at him! What a cutie! Well done little 3! I love the toddler stage... Though they can get into quite a bit more mischief hehe

  3. Thats it, you are now going to need eyes in your bottom her hee. Three little monkeys together, very sweet x

  4. Eeek! It's brilliant when they start walking but also the falls get so much worse - my eldest had a scraped nose for weeks! He looks very proud of himself x


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