20 April 2016

One year in cloth..our nappy journey so far..

This week it is real nappy week #RNW16 and seeing as Little 3 has worn cloth nappies for over a year now we thought we would share with you our first year in cloth, what didn't work for us and what cloth nappies we love too.

Little 3 has been wearing cloth nappies since the day after he came out from hospital so he was 9 days old when he wore his first cloth nappy, we started with pocket nappies first in Newborn size and then in the adjustable 'birth to potty' size. I wrote about our first experiences of using cloth here.

First cloth nappy ever at 9 days old

We started off with easy to use pocket nappies recommended to us by a friend, there were loads of different brands and prices too so we stocked up on a few of the cheaper branded ones and a few of the more expensive ones I had read good things about. We had 5 differnt ones in the end in our stash.

Nothing like a line of cloth drying on a sunny day
And then once we had got the hang of cloth nappies in the day we started using them at night. For night time we used a dual layer bamboo nappy and waterproof wrap combination as this is much more absorbent than a pocket nappy which requires changing every 2-3 hours, however they are bulkier hence why we only used them at night, Little 3 would easily go 12 hours in one of these.

First night nappy combo

We carried on happily until Little 3 hit the 5 month mark and we began to get leaks, only wee leaks mind you, it is rare in cloth to have the other kind of leak as cloth nappies are elasticated all round, unlike disposables. Little 3 was taking in vast quantities of milk at this age, shortly before we started weaning, and this liquid diet meant a lot of wee! I turned to the internet for help and found that this can be a common problem around this stage.

Being a boy Little 3 wees all at the front of his nappy, the front of the nappy would be soaked and the back bone dry, he also tends to do huge wees all at once flooding the nappy. After turning to the internet and nappy sites for help I found out that one of the inserts we were using (we were using a microfibre and bamboo combo) could be to blame. Microfibre inserts, although they absorb quickly, can also act like a sponge as they do not hold the wee as well as others. Little 3 was sitting up by now and so this seemed to be what was happening, they call it compression leaks, and so I bought some hemp inserts that can hold a great deal of liquid and experimented with combinations of inserts finding one to suit us. I ended up ditching microfibre all together and we were then using a bamboo/hemp combo. This worked well for us for another month or so when we started getting leaks again, the night nappies were also leaking sometimes too. I do not know what was causing the leaks but it could have been Little 3's changing shape, perhaps he was between the settings on the nappy rise and they were too tight on one but a little loose on another (this is why it is a good idea to have a stash made up on different brands as one may work better than another at different times).

I got very despondent and considered giving up but I love using cloth nappies and Little 3 gets sore the instant he is put in a chemical filled disposable now, I presume it is because he is not used to them so I had to find something else. I asked more questions and bought a couple of Close parent pop in nappies as I was told they are good for heavy wetters. I didn't want to spend more money on cloth nappies so just got a couple to try and the extra booster for night time too.

A pop in nappy

This was back in September when Little 3 was 7 months old and he is still wearing them now at 13 months old with no leaks. Pop-in's are brilliant, totally bombproof and super thirsty too. They are a kind of nappy hybrid, there is an outer shell and a soaker and booster so not a pocket nappy or all in one and not a 2 parter either, somewhere in the middle. I love the easy to use velcro fitting and the double leg gusset is a great feature (so no seeping like we were experiencing with the pocket nappies), plus there are some gorgeous designs too, they have just bought out some new prints and I'd just love to have them.

I love Pop in's and wish we had found them earlier, over the last few months I have sold on all the nappies that were no longer working for us and replaced most of my nappy stash with pop ins. We use them in the day time and get 3-4 hours out of them (it was 2 hours max in a pocket nappy before) and they go all night (often 13 hours) with the added night time booster too.  

Recently we were asked to test out the new Totsbots easyfit star nappy and so we now have a few of those in our stash too, they are super slim, comfy and absorbent and we do not get the issue with them that we had with our previous all-in-ones at all thanks to the fact they are bamboo and the new and improved anti leak features. 

The easyfit star

We seem to have finally found a couple of brands of nappy that suit Little 3 after trying half a dozen others. I am glad that I only bought a few of each nappy first to see if they were the right ones for us and I was able to sell the unsuccessful ones on and replace them with others so I am not too much out of pocket however, the saving from using cloth is still big compared to using disposables.

If I have one piece of advice to you (that I wasn't told before I ventured into reusable nappies) it is to do your research, and only get a few of several different types of nappy, that way you can see what you like, what fits your child and test them all out before stocking up on anything. There are some nappy libraries around where you can hire trial kits with lots of different brands/types of nappy in them when you are starting out and some retailers sell sets of popular brands as starter kits which can be a good starting point too.

There is one kind of nappy that I have heard good things about and I would really like to try and that is a nappy called gNappies, they are a kind of eco disposable with an outer cotton pant and a snap in pouch that can have either a fluff pulp (no nasty chemicals) disposable insert you can compost (wet ones only) or throw away or I can use my redundant bamboo and hemp cloth inserts inside too and be totally reuseable with them. I think these look really great.

Image courtesy of Gnappies UK

Whilst our current nappies are great and work well for us they are bulky to carry around in the change bag particularly on a day out where you might need to take 5 or 6, carting a bag of wet nappies around the zoo on a hot day is not the greatest thing I can think off.

I think gNappies would be a fab option for my change bag and trips nanny's house or on holiday (where I have resorted to disposables in the past- eco ones though) as you only need to change the inserts and wipe out the pouch between changes or snap in a clean pouch if it is dirty, no need to change the whole nappy each time. Plus they cut down on washing too, always a bonus with 3 children! 

N.B This was NOT a sponsored post, all the products mentioned are ones we own and use/used. We did review the Totsbots stars previously though.

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