25 April 2016

#MaternityMondays 25th April

Welcome to #MaternityMondays 25th April

We have a new walker here at Loving Life with Little Ones. Little 3 started walking this past week, so far we have counted 8 steps but he is able to stop and steady himself now rather than just falling to his knees between attempts, life is about to get a whole lot more interesting with three of them running around!!

This week I hosted and was moved by a poem written by ‘Bread’ called Heartbeats are simple powerful things. It made me think back to being pregnant with Little 3 and all the issues we had with his heart during the pregnancy, I would lie in bed at night for hours thinking about his heart and listening to my own hoping that all would be okay, thankfully he is now fit and well.

And Congratulations to Laura Honeybee who shared her 13 weeks pregnancy announcement with us. I remember the pure exhaustion of the early days when I was expecting number 3, there is no let up with 2 children running around and it is even tougher when you feel so sick! I hope you feel brighter soon. 

As usual #MaternityMondays is for all your pregnancy, baby, toddler and maternity themed posts, please grab our new badge from my sidebar and comment on the hosts post and as many of the others as you can as linkys can only work if we support each other. If you tweet about the link up please tag me in @lifelittleones and use the hashtag #MaternityMondays and I'll retweet as many as I can.

See you next week x

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