9 March 2016

We need a new set of baby wheels

The time has come to seriously think about a new set of baby wheels AKA the pushchair. Our current mode of transport is a travel system that I bought nearly 7 years ago when I was pregnant with Little 1 and I can only imagine the miles that pushchair has done.

It has been totally and utterly great and well worth the money I spent on it all those years ago, it was one of the lower mid priced ones back then and nothing like the fandangly fancy ones you can get these days but it has done it's job well and apart from a new raincover and worn out wheels it is still going strong, it has been everywhere with us.

It is still a great pushchair and I do really like it, especially the massive shopping basket seeing as I have to do all the shopping on foot as I do not drive and Daddy has the car for work, it is also great for carting the girls lunches, bookbags etc home from school too. It is warm and cosy in the winter with the thick and snuggly footmuff and has some great features.

The issue is it is very heavy and big, we have nowhere to store it at home so it ends up taking up half the downstairs bathroom where it is in the way of the sink and we are constantly tripping over the wheels getting to the loo. It is also very heavy (I have trouble lifting it) to get it up and into the car boot where it takes up the whole floor of the boot leaving no room for shopping, there is no way we could fit luggage for holiday in the car with this pushchair in the boot. It is also that little bit too wide for the preschool ramp and doorway and navigating the aisles of the shops in town so I can get fed up with it at times.

Now that the weather is warming up and Little 3 is that bit older I think it is time to get a smaller more lightweight and practical buggy. We had a lovely Silver Cross pop one for Little 2 we used for a short while until Daddy tried to squash it in the car boot with all the holiday stuff and bent the back wheels, it now squeaks and wobbles and the wheels have worn out on one side, we asked about replacing parts but it isn't an option on the bit that is damaged.

Our idea pushchair would have..

A large hood- for sun and wind protection
A raincover -obviously
A snuggly cosytoes/buggy liner- for the colder days and winter school runs
A big shopping basket- a must for me
A pocket or cup holder- for my keys and tissues
Recline without waking up a snoozing toddler
Collapse down easily without taking up too much space
It would be Lightweight
And have not too tall handles as I am only 5 foot 2!!

Do you know a pushchair that fits the bill, I'd really like a nice one with a lovely print but one that isn't too expensive, it needs to last Little 3 at least a couple of years and we walk everywhere so it will get used a lot. I need to go shopping...

update: My travel system finally gave up on us, a week after writing this one of the front wheels snapped off, on the school run -cue dashing home, dumping the broken buggy as we were closer to home than school and lugging Little 3 in my arms all the way there and back!! A plastic part attaching the wheel to the chassis had snapped, so we are now in DESPERATE need of a pushchair but using the damaged wobbly one at the mo until I can persuade Daddy to let me go shopping!

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