28 March 2016

The Little ones get creative this Easter

The Little ones love to get creative so this Easter we have done a few simple crafts. First we made some simple cards for family and friends, just a little kit I had bought for them to do after school one evening. They both still like to do cutting and sticking and are often asking to get the sticking bits out of the cupboard and make things, especially Little 1, she likes to make cards a lot and often comes home from school with things she has made during break.

Lots of glue, a pile of cards and some sticky fingers later, we dug out some more sticking bits and Little 1 and 2 made some Easter pictures too. It was interesting watching the girls personalities coming out on their pictures. Little 2 put her bunnies in a line with flowers in between them, it was all nicely spaced out and then she carefully laid the grass in 2 straight lines, she took her time over her picture and was very careful.

Little 1's picture was similar in design but showed her slightly more haphazard and rushed personality, especially with the grass, she pulled and tugged it out of the packet, and stuck lots down with bits everywhere, it was all stuck to her fingers and all over the table too. It was really quite interesting watching the two of them create their pictures.

Instead of Easter eggs, as the Little Ones get lots from other people, Nanny usually buys the Little Ones a gift for Easter instead, this year she bought the girls Easter bonnets and bits to put on them, chicks, bunnies, bugs and little eggs.

We had fun making the bonnets, some of the bits stuck on and some things needed to be sewn, Nanny helped Little 2 and I helped Little 1, the girls loved the little polystyrene eggs, Little 1 and I made them into little nests and Little 2 wanted an Australian style hat with eggs hanging off the sides, it did look a little funny!

Easter Monday saw us doing an Easter egg hunt which we have been to for the past few years, the girls had to look for 12 bunnies around a local nature reserve and write down their names in order to get themselves an Easter egg. They both had fun finding the bunnies and jumping in muddy puddles on the way around too. 

Then there was more creativeness from the girls as they did some colouring for the colouring competition. Little 1 did hers rather quickly and set off with Daddy to hunt for a specially well hidden golden egg which even though we have hunted really hard for them over the last few years we had not ever been lucky enough to find one. Daddy and Little 1 read the clues and off they went to hunt.

Little 2 spent a lot of time doing her colouring, almost half an hour in fact, she was so careful staying in the lines and colouring each section at a time, even though she did the whole picture purple. She loves purple, all her drawings are generally purple at the moment! When she had finished we went off to find Little 1 and Daddy, just as we reached them Little 1 found a golden egg and we went back to claim her large Easter egg prize. Armed with chocolate and a sleepy toddler we headed home to the girls chatting about how much chocolate we might let them eat when we got back.

Update: Little 2 won the colouring competition for her age group, she was very pleased to pop and collect her chocolate prize to add to the collection of eggs in the kitchen cupboard. Well done Little 2.

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