17 March 2016

My Little 1, my superstar

I do not tend to write about Little 1 as much as the Little 2 and 3 at the moment, she is at school all week and at weekends rather than having the camera to hand snapping pictures, I am spending time with them all not thinking about what to write for the next blog post and enjoying the time with my children instead.

This week was parents evening at school and as I sat there and listened to all the things Little 1's teacher was telling me about my daughter, almost all things I already knew, I could not but smile and think of my daughter proudly, my clever, helpful ,thoughtful, sensible little superstar.

Little 1 has always been bright and being one of the eldest in her year with an early October birthday she was well and truly ready to go to school when she did. This readiness held her in good stead and she took to learning, reading and writing like a duck to water and has never looked back.

I knew she was doing well from the last parents evening back in September and the things that she tells me about her day, the level of her reading book and speed at getting through her maths targets we practice at home. She has recently earned her silver star award too, in her school they earn stars for good bits of work, being exceptionally helpful etc and work their way through bronze, silver and gold during the school year. Last year she was 2 stars off her gold award at the end of the year and her goal this year is to achieve it.

Daddy and I sat and listened to Little 1's teacher tell us that she is doing very well, apparently she has to go to the year above to fetch reading books as she has read all the ones in year one and is well on her way to completing all the levels (she is on the last band now) and becoming a free reader a year ahead of the expected norm. Her spelling, writing (although she has a tendency to rush and could write a little neater!) and maths is great and there are no concerns about her whatsoever. We have tried telling her that 'quality not quantity is best' and to slow down and concentrate on writing a bit neater, to take more time to think about what she is doing and that as long as she works well and does her best we are happy whatever the result but try getting a 6 year old to understand that finishing first doesn't matter.

Her teacher also told us that she is really helpful often offering to help tidy and set things up with her and her friends before going out to play. She said that Little 1 has some sort of magical rapport with her peers and a great many friends in the class. She told us that she has asked Little 1 to help some of the other children with difficult tasks, to talk them through it and explain it to them (helping her own understanding and comprehension in the process) and helping her friends too. She said that Little 1 has a great ability to do this and is fast becoming the one her peers turn to for help. 

As parents we are really proud of our daughter and think she is amazing, a little star but part of me also wonders if this is a little bit too much for our little girl. She wants to do her best and works hard but she also wants to keep up with the other high flyers in the class. At the end of last year she suffered with a bit of burnout as end of year tiredness conflicted with her need to work hard and there were a lot of tears. I am a little worried that she isn't having enough down time during her day if she is helping during breaks and helping others when she has finished her own work and that the same thing will happen this year. 

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