21 March 2016

Little 3 at one year old

Little 3 has changed so much over the last few weeks, he has turned into a cheeky little fellow, smiling and laughing, shooting cheeky smiles as he dives behind the curtains to appear grinning from ear to ear calling ba (boo). 

He has turned into a proper little boy and loves rough and tumble, he has taken to crawling really fast and then suddenly dropping his head to the carpet and rolling over on his back laughing expecting you to 'get' him and tickle him. It is really funny and I adore his giggles but he has almost tripped me up several times doing it randomly as I am walking past!! 

He finally stopped calling me 'bab' this week and has started calling me Mumma. I heard it for the first time while we were walking around Tesco of all places, he was in the pushchair and thought I heard him muttering mum, mum, I must have looked a bit odd standing in front of the pushchair going 'yay, did you say mummy, can you say mummy!!' He has said it several times since with a big cheesy grin, I reckon he has known how to say it for ages and was just making me wait.

He is getting stronger on his legs and is beginning to stand unsupported for a few seconds and we have had a couple of attempts at a step but his balance is not good and he falls straight back down, he is very good with the walker he had for his birthday though. He would still rather get down, crawl 6 inches and stand up again than just cruise a bit so he is in no hurry to walk, but he is dying to get out the pushchair and join in with the girls running ahead on the school run judging by the grunts and excited leg kicking as he watches them speed ahead.

He has begun to 'play' now too. instead of just exploring objects and throwing, banging or eating them, he has begun to push cars around and put shapes in the shape sorter, he is exploring his toys properly and loves to tidy up too. When we were playing with the play people and house he began to copy me and was pretending to make the people move and put them in the bath and bed when I was saying 'he is going to bed etc', later he was playing with Little 2 and doing the same thing, put the play people in the bath and bed and saying ba for bath. Little 2 thought it was great that he could actually play with her now and they had a wonderful time together that afternoon.

Since then Little 2 has had a renewed love for her little brother and has begun to play with him far more. The relationship between the two of them is growing strongly and they have got quite close of late until Little 3 gets over excited and smacks or bites his elder sister. Little 2 is very good about it though and firmly tells him it is not nice to hit/bite and continues as if nothing has happened.

Little 3 is teething again too, he hasn't wanted me to look but he has been biting A LOT this past week or two and it wasn't until I had to fish something out of his mouth that I felt two new additions taking his total of teeth to 10!! Little 3 has cut his top and bottom left molars, he had been so good about it bless him, we had a run of several night wake ups but he resettled quite quickly so didn't think much of it but now I know it was probably teeth.

At 12 months old Little 3...

Is cruising and beginning to stand unaided
Has finally said 'Mum'
Uses a spoon and eats what we eat
Has 10 teeth
Now has just one nap a day
Has begun to play 'properly' and 
Loves to tidy up.


  1. I love this stage. As children develop language it's so much fun, and when they play and talk with their siblings is my greatest pleasure :)

  2. Aww happy birthday little man. This year has gone in the blink of an eye #MaternityMondays


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