24 March 2016

Introducing the Totsbots EasyFit Star nappy

For the last month we have been carrying a secret (literally), we have been testing out the New Totsbots EasyFit Star cloth nappy, a new version of the Totsbots EasyFit v4 with some great new features and benefits.

Totsbots EasyFit Stars are a slim-fitting easy to use 'all in one' cloth nappy and with no assembly required, a waterproof layer and an attached absorbent core they are really simple to use. And with the durable hook and loop fastening they are as easy to use as a disposable nappy too.

Just popper down the front poppers to fit from birth (around 8lb) and undo as baby grows all the way to potty training (up to 35lb), pretty economical don't you think. 

'one piece-opened out'
There are some great new features on these nappies. They have a New ultra soft bamboo core made with the same fabric as the Totsbots bamboozle stretch nappy, it is soft, super absorbent and has no chemicals next to baby's skin.

There are New clever stitch free seams for maximum on the bum performance and a New 'no escape' Bamboo Buffer Zone meaning a great performance and fewer changes too. There is also a New waterproof tummy zone keeping the wetness in the core of the nappy.

'The tummy zone'
Totsbots were kind enough to send us 5 of the New EasyFit Stars to put through their paces and with a heavy wetter like mine Little 3 was definitely able to thoroughly put them to the test. I loved the simplicity and slimness of the nappy right from the start, they are much less bulky than our usual nappy. I was so looking forward to getting these nappies on Little 3 that we only did one prewash before we started using them and as every cloth nappy user knows, it takes several (up to 10 even) washes to get nappies up to full absorbency, I have to be honest and say I was expecting a few leaks because of this but there weren't any.

Little 3 is a power pee'er, he seems to be able to hold it for ages and then let it all go at once, believe me can soak a nappy (or the change mat and all his clothes) in seconds. I was hoping for great things and the Totsbots EasyFit Star did not disappoint. Little 3 has been wearing these for a month now and we have not had a single wee leak whilst wearing them, I am seriously impressed, nor has he had damp trousers or a soggy waistband thanks to the tummy zone and other new anti- leak features which I think is a great. 

The nappy did let me down once though in the most horrific of out-the-side, down-the-leg  kind of way which was not fun and ever since we have been careful as to what time of day we use them, preferring our old faithful nappies for the first change of the day, but we haven't had any poo leaks at other times. Having said that I love these nappies and they are either on the bottom or in the wash and hardly spending anytime in the drawer at all. They look so slim and comfortable allowing Little 3 to move around easily, they fit really well (at 21lb we are using them on the middle rise setting) and there is loads of room for him to grow too.

Being an all-in-one nappy and made of slower drying but super absorbent bamboo fabric they do take a little longer to dry than my other bamboo nappies, on the arier my nappies are usually dry in 24-36 hours whereas these take 36-48 hours and need turning inside out to finish off, so you might want to have a few more in your stash to keep you going.

N.B We received these nappies free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are our own honest thoughts.


  1. Gym Bunny Mummy4 April 2016 at 16:45

    I LOVE the patterns on these, too cute! I wish I had of considered an alternative to disposable nappies sooner but just didn't realise how far they had come since my eldest (who's now almost 15!) #MaternityMondays

  2. Rebecca Farrelly4 April 2016 at 20:19

    These look great! I love the designs, so cute! We didn't use cloth nappy's as I never like the sight of them and they never looked comfy however these look really nice and soft so I would consider it! :)


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