2 February 2016

Mess free painting for Little 3

I was thinking the other day that I do not do enough creative things with Little 3 and that I should start introducing him to proper good old messy play and textures and things. He is still at the stage where everything will go straight in his mouth and there will be a whole lot of mess to clear up through his exploration so I got thinking about what I could do with him that was relatively mess free for the times when I need him entertained but can not go the whole hog and get all the messy stuff out.

Little 2 was doing some drawing and wanted to make a card for a friend with my help to do some dots to trace, I had also promised her I'd help her to draw a rainbow teddy bear picture! Little 3 was tired as he had had a very short nap, he'd discarded the snack I'd given him and was not in the mood for playing, by crying and clinging to my leg, I had to think of a distraction so I could help Little 2.

I remembered a plastic bag I had received something in and had a brainwave, mess free painting. It ticked all the boxes. A bit of fun with paint, learning about liquids, colours etc and his picture would be handy as I would use it to make a birthday card for Little 2 from him. Brilliant.

I fished out the bag, the perfect size for an a4 piece of card and sellotaped it all around the edges to the table, slipped in the card and carefully squirted some paint into the bag before sealing it up.

Then I let him loose, he mainly just smacked his hands down on the table squashing the paint about a bit before poking it a little with his fingers and then looking at his hands.

Little 2 forgot about her picture for a minute and wanted to have a go too. She enjoyed patting and pushing the paint in the bag around with her fingers, mixing it up.

I think I will do this activity with her again using primary colours so we can talk about colour mixing and if we use more paint she will be able to write in the paint too which she started to do this time but there wasn't quite enough of it. Little 2 ended up getting more out of the activity than her brother who quickly tired and just wanted cuddles but he did enjoy himself albeit briefly.

tired and photobombed but still cute!

I have been thinking of other ways to reuse that plastic bag, I think would be a great idea to use some cheapy hair gel or something similar and add sequins and glitter to move around and squish or how about a bag full of cereal to crush. It would certainly keep him busy while I was helping his sister.


  1. What a fab idea this this is. I might have to try with Daisy when helping the girls with homework! x

  2. I did this when Bear was little, I was just thinking a few days ago I might try it with her again, as I can't bear the mess of painting! x

  3. That is a great idea! I'm really put off by painting with Mia as although shes good with paint and I don't mind mess, we had a disaster with blue paint a few months ago so its banned from our house for a while! :)

  4. We did this but taped the bag to the window. It was great as the light shone through making different patterns and colours. Was great fun!

  5. That is the best idea EVER!! I have cold chills about paint but this is a winner yay! #MaternityMondays


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