17 February 2016

Making play chocolates.. mmmm

Feeling a bit creative this past weekend and with Little 3 napping, we set to work on one of the girls crafty sets we had bought them for Christmas called Jumping clay. 

Little 1 had a chocolate box and Little 2 a biscuit kit. We had bought them back in the summer when we had seen them being demonstrated in a shop. The material used is kind of  like playdough but very soft and stringy with a foam like texture. It is easy to mould and stick.

Each set came with several different colours, a tool, little display box and comprehensive instructions to make the kit but you could make whatever you wanted really.

There was plenty of moulding, squidging and rolling going on, I was helping little 1 and Daddy was helping Little 2. We got rather carried away having fun together and I didn't take any photos of the making process but this is what we made.

Little 2's biscuits

Little 1's chocolates
There was quite a bit left over and the girls made a cat, a mermaid and a dinosaur too. 

Jumping clay is great as after a couple of days it hardens so that you can play with it, it goes all light and bouncy like a hardish foam, the leftovers made great bouncy balls. The girls have been playing with their biscuits and chocolates lots in their play kitchen this week.

N.B We bought these kits for the girls for Christmas, this was not a sponsored post.


  1. Aw these are so cute! I was thinking it is a shame they aren't edible but so great if they can play with them after they have made them too xx

  2. Haha clearly girls after my own heart! ;)


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