9 February 2016

Little 3 has a language explosion

Litte 3 is not yet 11 months old but he is like a sponge at the moment soaking up all the words and language we can throw at him. These past few days I have been watching him and really taking notice of his facial expressions and what he is saying (or is trying to say) to me and I realised he is pretty darn clever. Well I know that already there are no flies on this little lad but I didn't realise what some of his babble meant and now I have worked it out.

Little 3 has been jabbering on for months now and babbling away just like any other baby, he began with the baba and dada's way back and in the last 6 weeks or so he has had a tremendous language explosion. It probably helps that I am always talking to him, describing what I am doing and just generally talking to him all the time. I really do not stop talking but otherwise when it is just the two of us home and the girls are at school/preschool it would be pretty quiet in our house! I sing to him too, nursery rhymes mainly and we read books to all the Little ones during the day as well as at bedtime. 

It is really important to talk, sing and read to babies and young children, it really helps their language development even if it is just normal day to day chit chat is does make a difference. When little 2 started playgroup at 2 years 7 months the staff commented on her broad vocabulary and the way she used words in the correct context. With two elder sisters at home and Little 1 not letting anyone get a word in edgeways when she is home (she is just like me!) it was only a matter of time before Little 3 started trying to get his voice heard.

A few months back he started saying 'dada dad ad' and usually he says this to Daddy, it has evolved into 'dad-ad' mostly now, it is lovely when Daddy comes in from work, Little 3 lights up and shouts 'dad-ad' at the top of his voice.

'Hi-ya' has been a first word for all of the Little ones (yes Terry, you started that one!) with Little 3 saying it around the 9 month mark.

Around a month ago we had 'ta' for the first time intermittently at first but now Little 3 says it when he wants something, for example he will hold out a toy and say 'ta' for me to hold out my hand for it, or if she sees food he'll sit there going 'ta ta ta' which can get quite loud if you don't give it to him right away.

He can say 'cat' although it sounds like 'dat', he loves our cats and likes to watch them as well as stroke their fur, we have to be careful as he still likes to grab at them and we are trying to teach him to be nice to them and make sure he understands you have to be gentle with animals.

I was talking to Daddy the other day about the fact that he still hasn't said 'mum', we had a few mmmmmum's way back and the odd mmmum when he is crying but he simply does not say it. However I have noticed he is constantly saying bab babab and commented to Daddy that he always says that when he is crying in between the dad-ad's. We were trying to get Little 3 to say mum by pointing at him and saying his name, then 'Daddy' at Daddy and then 'Mum' when pointing at me. He thought it was hilarious and pointed at Daddy and said 'Dad', then at me and said 'bab'. Suddenly I cottoned on that I am bab! it makes sense now. I have no idea why he calls me this it is nothing like my name and we do not refer to anyone or anything as bab, but now I understand, when he is standing at the gate shouting 'bab' at the top of his voice, it is me that he wants and that means he really does want me after all.

Today he spouted 2 new words and I thought just how fast he is changing at the moment. First he said 'uh-oh', the cheeky little fellow was throwing things out of the laundry basket that I had just folded saying it and smiling from ear to ear, he would lift something out and hold it at arm's length watching me and say 'uh-oh' as he let it fall to the ground.

Then later on as I was reading to him he said 'wassat', I didn't understand at first and took it to be babble but I was reading a story with animals in where each animal makes their noise. I was pointing to the animals on the page and saying 'the cat said meow' etc and he pointed to the cat and said 'dat' then to a dog and said 'wassat', I suddenly understood that he meant 'what's that' so I repeated 'what's that' and told him and a huge grin broke out on his face, that was it then everything in that book and everything I was getting out the shopping bag as we were unpacking the groceries later was 'wassat?'

I am quite in awe of his language skills considering his age, his understanding is good too, he knows quite a lot of words especially food related ones! If you ask him 'where is' someone or something he usually looks at what you are asking and will often bring it to me too.

At nearly 11 months my boy can say:

Dad, Hiya, Ta, cat (dat), sock (gock), fish (ish), uh-oh, wassat (what's that?), and refers to me as bab!


  1. Aww bless, I think talking is probably my favourite milestone, I still get excited when my daughter says something new.
    Sounds like he's doing really good for an 11 month old though. I know my sister was talking at 9 months, my mother is so proud she still brings it up to this day...and my sister is 29, lol! x

  2. wow that's amazing. G is 13 months and not saying half of those things!! Well done little 3 #MaternityMondays


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