5 February 2016

Little 2 turns four years old

Yesterday my Little 2 turned four years old, when asked what she wanted to do for her birthday her answer was simple, her favourite soft play and a party tea. So thats what we did.  

Presents at breakfast before Little 1 went to school.

Little 3 was a bit perplexed as to the change to the usual morning routine and all the wrapping paper to scrunch, rip and chew! But he did enjoy romping around the soft play.

Nanny bought Little 2 a new party dress, a gorgeous mint green and silver sequin creation complete with cardigan, sparkly tights and ballet pumps. Little 2 adored it and wore it from the moment we got home, she was twirling and posing and loved being a birthday princess.

After a party tea with the grandparents and a brief break for little 1 to attend her school Valentines disco, we wished her a happy birthday and all enjoyed a slice of cake.

Happy Birthday my Cheeky, Clever, Independant, Helpful, Beautiful little girl.

At four years old Little 2 likes:

Dressing up (especially princess dresses and Elsa)
Being helpful
Hair clips and bows and bracelets
Disney films
Reading stories
and Spaghetti bolognaise!


  1. Aww! Bless her! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday! I love her dress...So pretty x

  2. What a pretty dress! Sounds like she had a lovely day. She's got so big though Sarah, all grown up x


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