25 February 2016

Little 2 makes chocolate muesli bars

We love a bit of baking in this house and make lots of yummy tasty things to eat but recently we haven't made that much. Now that Little 3 is taking decent naps in the morning I have been planning to get the ingredients out again and get baking again with the girls. This one is one of my favourites that my mum used to make, it is tasty and yummy and so so easy to do. 

It is much the same as making chocolate rice crispy cakes just instead of rice crispies you use muesli. The ingredients are chocolate, golden syrup and muesli, simple.

My assistant this time was Little 2, as Little 1 was at school, she happily helped to bash, smash and generally beat up the bar of chocolate ready for melting. I bought a large 300g block this time around and it made around 16 squares of chocolate muesli.

Little 2 helped me to put the chocolate into a pan and with a huge amount of supervision she stirred the chocolate until it had melted, to that we added a generous tablespoon of golden syrup and turned out the heat before the chocolate caught on the bottom of the pan.

Then it is time to add the muesli a little at a time until the chocolate is used and the muesli is all coated. You can use whatever you like best, I tend to buy the one with lots of fruit in and one without nuts as they aggravate Little 1's eczema. It is best to use a decent muesli and not a cheapy one with lots of fine dust as  it won't work as well.

Pop it into a tin or tray lined with greaseproof paper as this makes removing it much easier or you could just use cake cases and refrigerate until set. After a hour or two turn it out onto a chopping board and chop into squares.

Then comes the best bit, the licking of the spoon, mmmmm.

Yummy tasty squares of crunchy muesli all held together by sticky chocolate, needless to say it only lasted a few days on our house!!

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  1. the trainee mum3 March 2016 at 14:11

    Totally need to try making this! Might not yet have the little one to make it with but it'll keep me going through my pregnancy cravings and hunger!! :)


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