19 February 2016

Getting to know our garden birds with Wilko

As I was growing up we had a big garden with fruit trees outside the back doors, we had a bird table and a feeder, I used to watch the birds while we had dinner and I knew some of the most common British garden birds. Fast forward 20 years and my children did not know the birds in our garden other than the odd robin I pointed out to them and I can no longer remember what the difference is between the Green tit or the Great tit, both of which we have regularly visiting our garden!

Recently we were asked to be 'Wilko Wild Bird bloggers' and Wilko kindly sent us a special pack to help us attract wild birds to our garden. It contained a nesting box, wooden bird table, cage seed feeder and wild bird food. I was quite excited at the thought of getting the girls interested in the birds in our garden.

A damp Saturday afternoon we set the girls to work while Little 3 was napping, Little 2 helped me fill the bird feeder meticulously pouring in the seed so that she didn't spill any.

She then helped me to hang it on a hook we had in the garden. The garden admittedly needs a lot of work after the wet and windy winter we have had but the feeder looked good and even when it was swinging in the wind and blowing a gale it didn't scatter it's seed, it was strong and sturdy. The birds found it quickly and the following day I watched Green, Great and Blue tits feeding and a Robin too while I was washing up. I wasn't quick enough to take a picture though.

Daddy helped the Little ones to build the bird table. Initially we thought it looked a little lightweight for a bird table but as it was built, following the included instructions easily dictated by Little 1, it became clear that this was not the case at all and we had ourselves a sturdy little bird table perfect for the children to tend to the birds.

Little 2 loved the fact that, having just turned 4 years old, she could reach the top and put the seed and bread out after brushing off the old left over bits herself. I liked the fact that the bird table is child sized and easily accessible too.

The bird table was claimed by the Little ones as their own and placed next to the play house. It needed to be tied or wedged somewhere otherwise it would have fallen foul to the recent windy weather so we placed the children's pots around it to hold it fast. The girls have already planned what flowers they would like to plant in their pots when the warmer weather appears and I think it will look rather pretty when they have done this (and we have blitzed the garden too).

It wasn't long before the feathered friends in our garden increased and the Little ones were looking out the window seeing what they could spot, we have dug out the old bird book and had fun trying to identify them. We are planning to make some bird cakes too and we are currently saving our yoghurt pots for that.

Daddy has fixed the bird house to the wall above the kitchen window where we have a climbing rose that will provide plenty of shelter for the birds as well as plenty of little bugs for them to feast on. it would be lovely if birds would nest there this spring I would love to see the chicks fledging.

It has been good fun getting the girls involved in attracting more birds to our garden and they have shown quite and interest. Little 1 spotted some Starlings on the way to the shop the other day and pointed them out, I am not sure that she would have done that before.

N.B We received a complimentary Wilko wild bird blogger pack in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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