30 January 2016

Little green sheep mattress protector review

Have you heard of  The Little Green Sheep company, makers of the Snuz pod, well they have just won Gold at the 2016 Mother & Baby Awards in the Best Sleep category with their Little Green Sheep mattress protectors.

Little 3 was lucky enough to be sent one of these lovely mattress protectors to try out. When I opened it I found a supersoft thick Organic cotton mattress protector with a 100% waterproof and breathable layer sandwiched inside. It looked and felt great quality and not at all plasticky as some of the mattress protectors that you can buy.

We have the cot bed size one 70x140 cm which as you can see fits Little 3's cot perfectly. I was a little concerned that due to it just laying on top and not being fitted onto the mattress, in order to allow for better air circulation, that it might move around under the sheet but my fear was totally unfounded. Little 3 is a serial wriggler and moves all over the place in his cot during the night, upside down, round and round and even his night time antics didn't move this mattress protector once it was covered with a fitted sheet.

I like the fact that as it is not fitted it can grow with Little 3. When it is time for him to move to a single bed and through those potty training years it could easily fit onto a single size bed either down the middle or turned around and tucked around the sides, this makes it very versatile and well worth the money.

Happy chappy after a good nap
Little 3 has continued to sleep soundly in his cot and that means the mattress protector gets a big thumbs up from us, it is there doing its job, just in case.

We received our mattress protector in return for this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. This sounds great! We have a few protectors but they're all really plasticy. (It doesn't help that when OH makes up the cot he keeps putting them on plastic side up...) x #maternitymonday

  2. wow, this sounds amazing, we are needing to get one of these as i have started to notice that Elliotts matteress is getting a bit dirty - i think he must drool a lot in his sleep! thanks for sharing! x

  3. Oooo that looks great. I've never tried anything of theirs but I have read good reviews. Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays


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