15 January 2016

Little 3 gets the all clear

A couple of days ago we attended yet another hospital appointment relating to Little 3 and his heart. I won't go into lots of depth as I have written all about it in the past in this post- little 3-a hearty update which explains it all from the beginning. 

But basically Little 3 had an ectopic (irregular) heartbeat while I was pregnant with him and the doctors were sure it would go as soon as he was born if not before, but it didn't.

Last July Little 3 had 24 hour heart monitoring as he still had an irregular, though improving, heartbeat and he would go very pale and a little grey while he slept which worried us and concerned the doctors.

4 months old attached to the monitor

We were told after the results came through that nothing of concern was recorded, Little 3's heart was maturing and the faulty impulses that had been causing the irregular beats were occurring much less often.

Well, after this week's appointment we are extremely pleased to say that his heart sounded totally and utterly regular and no trace of an irregular heartbeat was found. He has now been given the all clear.

Our gorgeous little boy is healthy and we are very much relieved and pleased that there will be no more hospital appointments too. Yeah.


  1. Aww! That is fantastic news! Things like this can be so worrying. I am so glad everything is OK x

  2. That's fantastic sarah. You must all be so relieved. Will be up to visit soon, promise xx.


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