25 January 2016

A den kind of day

Wednesday is usually a quiet day in our house, Little 2 is often quite tired having been to preschool on Monday and Tuesday and with Little 1 at school we take the opportunity to play together while Little 3 naps.

Last week she wanted to build a den, 'a big one with your washing thingy, with an upstairs Mummy'. So out came the big arier and an armada of pegs and blankets to turn the corner of the sofa into a den, we made her a bed 'upstairs' on the sofa and she gathered her special things to play with.

I am not quite sure why she had a ribbon around her head but that piece of pink ribbon was from one of my birthday presents months ago and she regularly wants it around her wrist or waist to make her 'look pretty'.

Little 2 can be funny when it comes to taking photos, sometimes she will say no and then I won't or just ignore the camera completely and others like today she wanted me to take pictures of everything, all the toys and her lunch as well as a request to video her dancing. 

She is a funny little girl my little 2, she makes me laugh and is a joy to be around. We played camping in her den and I hunted for the spiders she kept spotting (bits of fluff). As Little 3 was asleep she was allowed to have a picnic lunch in the den which she enjoyed, she stayed in that little space all afternoon until it was time for the school run.

Little 3 was quite happy to explore his zoo and attempt to get his whole self into the toy box once he had woken up, he was not allowed anywhere near his sisters den!

I did have a little video of Little 2 doing her dance, apparently it was her wave dance and she spent much of the afternoon randomly breaking into little dance bursts but blogger is deciding not to show it on my finished post so it isn't there sorry, I tried, hate these technical glitches! 

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  1. Love a den in this house too. The ribbon around her head made me laugh and remember a photo of Rosie once. She had a child's coat hanger i her hair!! x


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