28 December 2015

The Little ones bake christmas biscuits (again!)

A couple of weeks ago Little 1 and 2 made our favourite simple spicy biscuits, they were intended to be end of term gifts for their teachers but although they had turned out well they were a little soft once iced (I think it may have been the girls generous spooning of golden syrup!) so we opted to make easy peasy fudge for them and shared the biscuits with friends and family instead. 

We had also made a gingerbread house out of the same biscuit mix cooking it a little longer to make it harder, we had so much fun and a little sneaky sweet eating that I didn't take any pictures and thus write the intended blog post. The house and biscuits we made too are long gone so when the Little ones asked to make more yummy biscuits who was I to refuse them.

You can find the method and recipe we used here, it is one of our favourites. The girls are hands on in the kitchen and when it comes to baking they like nothing more than getting stuck in up to their elbows and generally enjoying their cooking. Squishing up the butter between their fingers and 'tickling' the mixture has to be one of their favourite processes in the kitchen, every dish we make is met with the question 'Can we tickle this one Mummy?'.

The Little ones love to have a bowl each and we usually double the ingredients so that things last a little longer with 5 of us in our house sweet treats don't last very long! Little 1 can now read the ingredients and recipe so I take a step back and let them weigh and measure the ingredients themselves and try not to intervene too much while they are working! It is great for getting them to work together.

Ingredients were tickled and once the dough had cooled in the fridge the girls set out cutting their shapes. Little 2 lost interest cutting out her cookies quite quickly and began using her dough more like playdough, squishing and re rolling it and attempting to build a snowman so I left her to get on with that. Little 1 cut out lots of shapes and we baked several dozen biscuits.

The following day we iced them, lots of gooey icing and sprinkles and yes Little 2 is wearing a party dress, it is Christmas after all and she dressed herself!!

Lots of yummy tasty offerings, pass the biscuits please. Have you done any baking this week?

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  1. It looks like they have been having a great time! Those cookies look so tasty x


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