18 December 2015

Taking time out

Being a mummy to the three Little ones can be rewarding and fun but as any parent knows looking after children, especially young ones, is also hard work. Recently I was feeling the pressure of being Mummy and of being constantly in demand. Little 3 still wasn't sleeping all that well so I was tired and nearly 7 months of breastfeeding had left me feeling drained too. I needed a break, needed to be Sarah for a while and needed to spend some quality time with Daddy too. So when Daddy asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said a night away, a nice meal out and some retail therapy.

A few weeks later we left Nanny and Uncle M in charge of the Little Ones one Saturday morning we set off for a weekend away. We headed to Cardiff, as we like shopping there and haven't been for several years. We shopped until we dropped and sorted a lot of the Little ones christmas presents and I got myself some nice new clothes that I needed. It was really nice spending one on one time with Daddy without having to keep the Little ones entertained and making sure no one wandered off. Shopping without a pushchair or children meant we both had hands free so were actually able to hold hands at times which we haven't been able to do for a long time!

After checking into our hotel and freshening up we had a lovely dinner in the restaurant and chatted for ages over a meal and drinks. It was really good to have that time as a couple away from the children and being away from the usual evening routine and home meant we talked to each other properly without distractions. Later on we watched a film together in our room and then got a lovely unbroken nights sleep and even a lie in before breakfast which I hadn't had in ages.

I did miss the Little ones but they had a wail of a time with Nanny and Uncle M, by the time we arrived home I felt so much better than I had done in quite a while and I was a much happier mummy as a result.

Since my birthday weekend I have made more time for myself and taken time out to be Sarah again. I went for a Christmas meal out with some of the mums from school and also on a night away with Nanny to see family and visit a Christmas craft fayre (leaving daddy alone in charge of the three Little ones for a whole weekend- they all survived!).

I have to say I am feeling much brighter now and a lot more like me again. Daddy and I have decided that it is important that we make more time for each other and that way we can be better parents to our three gorgeous children so...... Nanny are you available to babysit, we'd like to go and see Star Wars! 

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  1. Ah that sounds lovely Sarah, we have had similar days out as a couple recently and it is so nice to just be a couple again for a bit isn't it? Does you the world of good to not be mummy for a few hours too I find! Glad to hear you are feeling much brighter as a result! Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family! Xx


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