3 November 2015

An autumn walk, changing times and a lot of posing

Autumn is well and truly here now, there is a carpet of yellow leaves everywhere I look and bare trees too. It is damp, drizzly and foggy here and already it is dimpsy on the school run as the darker evenings are drawing in. 

Autumn days are perfect for walks in wellington's, kicking up leaves and posing for pictures, well on our family strolls anyway. We went for a walk with Granny and Grampy the other day and the Little ones wanted to have lots of pictures taken, even Little 2 who is generally less keen to be in front of the lens, couldn't get enough of the camera and I got some lovely pictures that really show off her true character.

Since leaving rising 3's and starting at pre-school she has come out of her shell a lot, she used to be the quiet one, as good as gold and would be the first to do as she was asked to try and please me. She is still a good girl however she is becoming more confident and standing up for herself against Little 1 who can sometimes rule the roost, this means the noise level in our house has recently risen a lot!

The girls are just like any other sisters they can play a lovely game for an hour together or be bickering every five minutes depending on their mood. On our walk they were having fun hiding in amongst the trees and throwing the leaves around, giggling and jumping out together.

Little 3 while not yet able to join in with the girls games certainly makes himself heard too having learnt to clench his fists, grit his teeth and scream at full volume lately. He was jabbering away as we went for our wander, smiling and taking in his changing surroundings until he gave up and had an afternoon nap while the girls played around him.

Times are changing for us babyproofing is on the agenda. Little 3 is getting ready to crawl, the all too familiar superman pose on the carpet with grunts of effort, getting up high on his hands and drawing up his knees he will be zooming across the carpet before I know it. We have bought a room divider (our lounge is U shaped) so he can have a safe section to play in without being restricted on space away from bits of playmobil, treasured lego creations and parts of puzzles and games he is likely to suck to a soggy mess. Now just to dig out the fire guard and click the safety gates back into place and we'll be sorted, ready when you are little man.

The primary school application letter arrived for Little 2 today, it hardly seems that she will be old enough for school next year, there will be two school age children in our house, the Little Ones are growing up. I love this picture of her, my little girl, clever, cheeky and gorgeous, my middle one. 

So there you have it, a bit of a rambly ol' post really, the seasons are a changing and so are the children. For now, with Christmas is just around the corner, we are enjoying the outdoors and having family fun.

And Little 2, she just makes me smile.

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