20 October 2015

Weaning Little 3 with Ella's kitchen

Little 3 has now been weaning 2 months and he is doing well judging by the hefty 1lb 10oz weight gain last month! He is now just turned 7 months and is eating everything I give him from mini sandwiches, to chunks of fruit and veg and bits of roast dinner, he even tried noodles the other night (boy that was messy), the majority of his food is home cooked but what about the times when I need something quick or when we are on the go or he simply refuses the lovingly prepared portion of yummy home cooked fare that I had planned for his dinner.

This is where Ella's Kitchen come in, over the years I have tried most of the baby food jars and pouches on the market when weaning the three Little Ones and I have to say Ella's Kitchen are my favourite. The food actually looks like proper food, it is not all orange goo with lumps in it it is actual food in tiny little textured portions. on opening a pouch you get an inviting aroma of what is in there not like some others that all look, smell and taste the same. Ella's Kitchen pouches also taste really yummy, like real food. Yes I have tasted quite a few of Little 3's dinners just to check they are not too hot of course!!

When Ella's Kitchen heard how much we liked their baby food they sent us some goodies for Little 3 to try. A couple of breakfasts, a yoghurt pouch, some of their fruit slurpers for the girls and their new range of 6 months plus thicker texture pouches too.

Straight off I love the design of the pouches, bright inviting colours, cartoon type drawings of the ingredients and taste bud tingling meal names - fancy some 'very very tasty vegetable and lentil bake with cumin' or 'lip smacking spag bol with a sprinkle of cheese' anyone? They certainly do get my taste buds tingling and they are not even meant for me! 

Ella's Kitchen have recently introduced a range of 6 months plus pouches designed to bridge the gap between runny first purees suitable from 4 months and the ones with a bit of texture and the beginnings of lumps suitable from 7 months. Having been fed on my cooking Little 3 has sped through the stages of puree weaning as I didn't really start with runny goo more slightly thicker puree and by 6 and a half months he was ready to try something a bit more solid but not yet quite ready for the textured 7 month pouches which caused him to gag a bit. 

We tried the new 6 months plus range and we loved them as the perfect texture for the stage Little 3 was at. Various combos such as 'tomato and lentil bake with red peppers' and 'cauliflower cheese with butter beans' ticked the boxes for me with tasty new flavours for him to try and still easily digestible and gentle on his little tummy too.

The texture of these pouches is of a really thick puree (think mashed potato) and although Little 3 gagged the first few spoonfuls the first time we tried a pouch he soon began chomping, chewing and using his tongue to move the food around and had no problems with the texture or the yummy new tastes he was experiencing.

More Please!

These pouches are just like the others in the Ella's Kitchen range and completely 100% organic, with No added refined sugar or salt, No concentrates and No additives or colourings either, they are available in supermarkets RRP £1.29 for 120g pouch.

Little 3 Liked all the 6 month pouches and the mango yoghurt pouch we tried too. He wasn't quite so sure of the breakfast pouches though, they are made with greek yoghurt and had a slight tang to them (as they have no added sugar) which he isn't used to for breakfast as I normally feed him baby porridge or toast and fruit which are both quite sweet, I think he would have preferred them as a pudding.

Ella's Kitchen also sent the girls some of their fruit smoothie fruit pouches, these are big hits in our house with the favourites being 'the red one' and 'the purple one'. I buy them most weeks and they are eaten by all the Little Ones, as pudding or breakfast by Little 3 and on the go, as a snack or in lunchboxes for the girls. We were sent a few flavours we hadn't tried before. Little 2 liked 'the white one' which I hadn't bought previously as it was coconut and I didn't think they would like it (I was wrong). Little 1 likes 'the green one' with kiwi and the new addition to the fruit smoothie family 'the orange one' with mangoes, coconut milk, apples and bananas for a tropical taste so it looks like my cupboards will be filled with an array of colourful smoothies from now on. I had planned to take a picture of the girls enjoying them but they were all gone before I could do so!

N.B We received the products mentioned and pictures above from Ella's kitchen in retrn for this post, however all opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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  1. Bless him, he's growing up so quickly. A gorgeous, happy little boy xx


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