9 October 2015

Little 3 has a go at painting

Tomorrow is Little 1's sixth birthday so today while she was at school Little's 2 and 3 helped me to make some birthday cards for her. Little 2 wanted to do some sticking and was busy with pom poms, confetti bits and glitter while I decided paint was probably a better choice than sticking bits for a 6 month old!

He got all excited sitting in his highchair and watching me get the paint out, I'm sure he was thinking it looked like a tasty new food to eat! I let him have the tray and he put his fingers in it and smushed it around then attempted to eat the paint tray so I swiftly replaced it with a piece of card.

He liked scratching the card making some finger prints in the process as well as covering the table and the highchair but I am amazed as he did not put his hands to his mouth once, he didn't paint for long though as I decided the card looked good and cleaned him up quite quickly! Next time I promise to let him explore the paint more.

I hope Little 1 likes the card he made for her, I think it looks quite good.

Seeing as he can't hold a crayon yet, Little 2 helped me chose a picture of him to print and use in the card, we decided a bit of pink glitter looked good too. I think the birthday girl will love her card as she is very close to her little brother and it will mean a lot to her.

While Little 3 was painting and having finished her own card Little 2 did a little picture too, she told me it was a rocket.

I wonder what Little 3 might like to be creative with next, do you think he is old enough for gloop?


  1. Caroline Elliott10 October 2015 at 06:36

    Ah thats lovely! I got LM involved with paint once but she screamed and didnt like it on her hands... i was also a bit concerned she would put it in her mouth so i don't think i helped the situation! This is lovely though and I bet little 1 will really appreciate the card! Xx

  2. This is so cute. What s sweetheart xxx


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