2 October 2015

Little 2 goes to preschool

September saw Little 3 starting pre school, the same one that Little 1 started 2 years ago. Having gone to rising 3's at a different school last year Little 2 was used to being away from me for a few hours and was really looking forward to following in her sister's footsteps attending pre school in the grounds of the infant school that Little 1 now attends.

The preschool is literally across the path from Little 1's classroom this year and the girls can see each other when Little 2 is playing in the preschool fenced outside area and Little 1 is in the playground at the same time. They were looking forward to talking to each other over the fence and Little 1 was happy that her little sister was going to be in close proximity to her several days a week (I sometimes think that she gets a bit jealous that her younger sister gets to spend time with me at home when she has to go to school).  

Little 2 was really excited about going and jumped around all morning until her first afternoon settling in session, she had woken up at the crack of dawn and put on her uniform before anyone else was awake bless her. She skipped to school and went in with a little wave and came out smiling, my little girl is growing up.

She has now been at preschool a few weeks and is going for three full days, she loves her little owl lunch box and helping me to make her lunch each evening and still skips there every morning and comes out smiling. So far she has come home covered in dried playdough, paint, with soggy sleeves, grassy knees and sand in her hair, she has brought home playdough she made and told me she has learnt some new songs so needless to say she is having fun. 

Several of her friends from rising 3's have gone to the same preschool as well as a couple of friends children so she has lots of lovely little friends there and I hope she continues to have fun and enjoy it as much as little 1 did, it will not be long now before that school application letter hits the doormat!

obligatory first day back photograph


  1. Caroline Elliott3 October 2015 at 16:03

    Ah this is lovely, so nice to hear she is enjoying it so much and wow, 3 full days! Lots of time for you to focus on little 3! She looks so happy and so grown up!! Xx

  2. Bless her! What a gorgeous smile! She looks so happy to be a 'big girl'! #maternitymondays

  3. Gorgeous photos especially that last one of the two of them. I can just imagine how happy she is, wired to think Daisy should be there with her though xx


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