12 September 2015

Weaning with Cow and Gate 'friends' pouches

Cow and Gate have recently launched their new 'Friends' weaning pouches. The 'Friends' range puts veggies at the heart of the weaning process encouraging little ones to learn to love them for life. Cow and Gate say...

'Babies are more receptive to the sweet tastes of fruit rather than bitter tasting vegetables. But, the earlier and more frequently babies are exposed to a variety of vegetable flavours, during weaning, the more likely they will learn to accept them.'

'Friends' begins with a starter pack (RRP £2.79) of 4 individual flavour pouches, Carrot, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Pea to introduce your baby to single vegetable tastes, the idea being that they try these veggies on their own several times and get used to the flavours. Then the 'Friends' range expands to include these vegetables in new flavour combinations and textures but still keeping a distinguishable vegetable taste so your baby learns to love veggies as they go about their weaning journey.

The pouches are all made with no added salt, sugar or preservatives, they are steam cooked and ready to eat hot or cold, they're re-sealable and keep in the fridge for 24 hours once opened.

We were sent some of the starter pouches for Little 3 to try. I instantly liked the fun and friendly pouch design with veggie characters, Claire Carrot, Chris Cauliflower, Bella Broccoli and Peter Pea on the packaging which caught the attention of the girls too. The packaging uses 'Blippar' technology allowing you to use your smartphone to scan the packaging bringing the characters to life and access to photo functions and recipes too.

I liked the size of the pouches, being 50g each they were a good starter size, each pouch gave us about 3 servings in the early weaning days meaning I could use it for lunch, tea and lunch the following day and ensure that Little 3 who has a sensitive tummy was okay with each new food.

Mmmmm carrots!

Little 3 loved the carrot and broccoli pouches and ate the peas too but he wasn't so keen on the cauliflower on its own!! He made a face a bit like the one below after each mouthful, however he did eat it all, the funny thing!

I think these pouches are great for first tastes if you don't want to cook tiny amounts of something and super handy for on the go as you can serve cold just onto a spoon, Little 3 gave them the thumbs up.

 N.B We received 2 starter packs in return for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own honest thoughts. 


  1. Ooo great review and lovely photos. I've really gone off cauliflower. Maybe it's been a bad harvest or something :) #maternitymondays

  2. We used these a while ago. I think they're a great idea, as it's hard to find single flavour pre-made baby food in anything but fruit flavours x


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