29 September 2015

Teething baby? Cheeky chompers review

Little 3 has had his bottom two teeth for a few weeks now, he didn't particularly enjoy them coming through and we resorted to a concoction of teething gel, teething powders and on occasions paracetamol as well to help ease his discomfort. One thing that did seem to help him were cold teething rings out of the fridge for him to chew on, in fact anything he could chew on was good in his book! 

This past week Little 3 has been a little unhappy and dribbling again, looking at his gums they are red either side of his two bottom teeth so I am thinking perhaps his teeth are moving again and he will get some more soon. 

Recently I came across a company called Cheeky Chompers (you may have seen them on Dragon's Den), they sell two innovative products the Neckerchew and the Comfortchew which can help dribbly teething babies, they kindly sent me one of their Twinkle Twinkle Chewpacks (RRP £27.99) containing one of each of the products for Little 3 to try.

The Chewpack

First up is the Neckerchew, a brilliant idea for babies who love to chew like mine, it is a bandana style bib with a teether attached. The neckerchew is lovely, made out of double layer soft cotton jersey with a different design on each side, it is smart and reversible, the Twinkle Twinkle design we received is just gorgeous. There are girl and boy designs as well as unisex ones on their website some of which are designed by Joules too.

The fabric is soft and thick absorbing plenty of dribble with no problems and came up well in the wash, no fading or shrinkage either. It has two poppers on the back so it can be adjusted as your baby grows. The teether blends in nicely and is great for little hands and emerging teeth with soft textured sides, Little 3 has reflux so is pretty much always wearing a bib these days to save on clothes washing and tends to chew his bibs a lot, now he not only looks smart in his striking Neckerchew but he can chew to his hearts content as well.

The other product in the Chewpack is the Comfortchew, a comforter with attached teether. The Comfortchew has the same lovely soft jersey fabric as the Neckerchew on one side and luxurious snuggly fleece on the other, it also has a few tactile ribbon bits and a handy elasticated loop for attaching to the buggy, car seat or your little ones wrist. We have attached ours to the pushchair as little 3 likes something soft to hold when he falls asleep, he also likes to fiddle with the ribbons, chew the teether and suck the label too.

The teether on the comforter is shaped like a hippo with a face one side a textured side the other, it is a good size for little 3's mouth and will reach all the way to his back teeth when he gets them too. 

reverse side of teether

I think the Comfortchew is a fab idea and this little man agrees.

N.B We received a Chewpack in return for this review, all opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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  1. The bibs are so cute. My daughter is 18 months and didn't get her first tooth until she was almost 16 months! She's got three now and a fourth on the way and is constantly chewing. I'm not sure the bibs would fit her, but the comforter might be a good option x


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